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My Interview with Joel Garbon Urantia Audio Podcast

Joel Garbon has a story to tell about his experience in finding the Urantia Book. A scientist by training but with a keep spirit that leads him in search of the truth, Joel talks about his growth experience and about presenting the Urantia Revelation at a UFO Conference earlier this year. We also discuss the Urantia movement, and ways to present the revelation to those searching for truth.  Also we have posted his wonderful Urantia Book presentation at UrantiaRadio.net — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/james-watkins/support
  1. My Interview with Joel Garbon
  2. Understanding Personality
  3. An Abundance of Riches
  4. Sign of the Times with guest Halbert Katzen
  5. Evolution of Mind
  6. God and the Individual
  7. The Science
  8. Havona
  9. When Adam and Eve Came
  10. Family


Presenting the Urantia Book

Click below to download the Joel Garbon Powerpoint presentation he delivered in March 2020 in Laughline, Nevada at a UFO Ega-conference in which he was invited to make a presentation. Joel Garbon is an energy scientist by trade and his specific knowledge is in breakthrough enregy, a subject he has written extensively about. We caught …

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One thought on “Urantia Radio Podcasts

  1. robert asinyo-avorkpo

    1.what convinced me that the book is true is.theosophical society leaders travellled alot and gathered many materials that even the bible have not share ,likewise the immaculate conception .the truth is there but you must desire 2.i have been able to convinced friends because my concept of GOD is now profound and i speak from a very,very far realm.3.it will really take time for the book to be accepted fully but in books,especially LUCIFERS REBELLION can add more light to those who want to know

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