The Next Great Stage

There is a 24-hour Urantia-thon going August 7th. A literal who’s who of long-time and familiar names from the global Urantia community are among those gathering on Zoom.

People will share ideas, projects, essays, works and music, all of it from the shared appreciation of the fifth epochal revelation.

This is perhaps the beginning of a new movement. Though still in its infancy, the growing Urantia community now has a beating heart, there is blood flowing through its veins and the birth of a new spiritual age draws near.

I am old enough to remember when you had to pay $2.50 cents to call the Foundation in Chicago and have them mail you something about the Urantia Book.

Unless you bumped into the book at a local bookstore (which is what I did), unless someone shared the book, you might never have found it in 1983, or before.

Today we have apps, smart phones, instant internet and downloadable books and audio. The ease at which we can access The Urantia Book is seamless thanks to those in our community whose passion for the revelation inspired them to put it “out there,” for others to discover.

Thank you, and especially to the many wonderful members of the Foundation, the UAI, The Fellowship, etc., etc., etc., WOW!

Each step to the greater introduction of the Urantia Book to the world requires vision and a desire to ‘share the good news,’ as Jesus admonishes us to do for the Father.

No doubt our unseen friends have guided us to this point, and of all of the pessimism one finds in the world today is overshadowed by the fact that the Urantia revelation is emerging at a time when the world desperately needs it – more will be coming soon.

I encourage you to go to and join the conference, and hopefully find something that is truly spiritually satisfying.

I can’t wait.

All are welcomed.

You can watch what happens when you see people from every region and culture of the world come together in the name of the Almighty spirit who inhabits each of us.

Adam and Eve

I have been feverishly attempting to do an episode on Adam and Eve on my podcast.

Do you think anyone cares about them? Should they care?

After all, Adam and Eve share genetic history with most of us, we get our art appreciation and heightened gifts from them, we learned about family from them AND their superior blood line probably helped us stave off the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not like the story of these two divine material grandchildren of Christ Michael, unique to our local system, have permeated every corner of our continual intellectual progress, even to the point where the very symbol of Apple is the fruit eaten by Eve, from the tree of knowledge, doesn’t deserve to be told.

But what part of the story do you want to hear?

The story of their creation?

Where Michael, our Creator Son of God, brought the first Adam and Eve into being, to serve as a further expression of the spiritual idealization of family?

Or the story of their permanent citizenship on the spheres of Jerusem, our first and future spiritual estate, where they serve as our mentors, our friends, even our elder companions who share many common traits?

Or perhaps we can talk about our own Adam, and his mate Eve, whose legacies were carved into our ancient records of human history, and whose heritage survives as the contribution to our own DNA.

We are, after all, the progeny of this onetime great race who came from the divine kingdom to serve as our teachers of spiritual truth.

Is this a story worth telling?

22 Big Reveals in the Urantia Book

Making a running list of the UB’s biggest revelations, not in any particular order. It’s a very long list:

1. Our planet has a massive spiritual society behind the scenes helping as well as documenting our progress. The Most Highs do rule in the kingdoms of men.

2. The process of death- mortal cessation and resurrection – is fully explained.

3. The explanation of races. We now know why there are distinct racial groups.

4. The real purpose of marriage and family life. Truly progressive civilization starts in the home.

5. The goal of civilization is spiritual and intellectual.

6. We are not alone and in fact, there are not just a few, but trillions of worlds with evolving life.

7. There is a mind which predates the physical universe, life as we understand it finds its source in a living spiritual personality.

8. We now have a definitive ascension plan explained; Heaven is no longer a mystery.

9. The difference between spirits, ghosts, angels and other non-material personages are explained. We now know what everyone in the universe does.

10. The relationship between mind, matter and spirit forces are explained in a logical, cohesive manner.

11. How our solar system was formed.

12. Where God lives. We now have a geographical location for God’s eternal abode The Isle of Patadise.

13. How Gods’ spirit indwells humanity; we now know the difference between a person’s spirit and a person’s soul.

14. The entire life of Jesus. Many mysteries are explained in full detail.

15. How man evolved from the very beginnings of life; a step-by-step narration of how we came to be.

16. Where many of our customs come from.

17. Who the ‘ancient aliens’, were in our pre-history and their influence in our history.

18. The complete story of Adam and Eve.

19. The history of many of the world’ religion.

20. Who the devil is and the story of the Lucifer rebellion.

21. The introduction of the concept of Morontia, the intervening stage between the physical life and spiritual existence.

22. What angels, and other spirit personalities actually contribute to universal growth.

I will enlarge upon these separately, but for now, those are just 22 big reveals you will find throughout the 196 papers that comprise the four parts of the Urantia Book revelation.

To be continued.

Why Do We Want To Save People?

Is it arrogant to want to save people from eternal doom?

After all, we may be sure of the truths we wish to share with others in hopes of helping them become spiritual, but why would we even care about saving people if they do not wish it?

A friend told me once he really thought the Urantia Book was cool but he told me he could never take the time to absorb it because how could you not know if any of it is true?

It gave me pause to consider my intent. Was I merely trying to confirm my own beliefs by convincing someone else, or was I generally interested in helping this person find God (through the Urantia Book)?

My mistake was that I assumed the gentleman was a genuine truth-seeker, and perhaps he was, but he wasn’t in anguish over finding the truth, just curious to explore as many truths as possible without making a commitment to any of them., a common trai in our society.

Morris Berman’s book Closing of the American Mind informs us our culture is awash in many truths, so one merely picks and chooses them like clothes, simple adornment to reflect our tastes.

In Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz, he illustrates the human condition, that when faced with too many choices humans will make no choice rather than risk making the wrong one. This is why in early childhood development parents are better to give young children a minimal of choices, to reduce the stress of making the wrong choice.

Religion is a choice. It is an acceptance of a set of principles that guide you in everyday affairs. But it is also, at its root, a singular choice; you either believe in God, or you don’t.

You can believe there is a God, but that is not the same as believing in, and trying to have a relationship with God.

Religious living is simply trying to do the will of God, which is to be kind, fair and service-minded; serve your fellow man. Simple.

Whatever else we add to our religion is merely window dressing we use to symbolize our religious expression.

The Urantia Book completely fulfills and satisfies my religious ideals, but none of it would have any value to me unless it was predicated on my desire to know God, and unless you have that desire, unless others truly look for God, they can’t be saved. Nor do they care. Saving must be a choice, a reaching of the tope through faith.

The ultimate human trst, perhaps the greatest test is the test of faith.

And this is something you can remember the next time you engage with someone, or have a desire to share the Urantia Book with a friend. Does this person really desire to know God?

In true religion, this is the starting of true faith.

They have to knock on the door before God opens it.