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In this fascinating hour-long interview with Dr. Philip Calabrese, former professor of Mathematics at University of California at San Diego, Dr Calabrese shares his love and fascination of the Urantia Book, and how he believes its revelatory information can assist current scientists in gaining a better understanding of the physical universe. We talk about the futility and inconsistency of the Big Bang and why science continues to stick with it, how energy functions, what Andromeda tells us about our own universe, plus his ideas on space and time which are contradictory to current scientific theory. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/james-watkins/support
  1. Urantia Science with Dr. Philip Calabrese
  2. Truth, Beauty and Goodness – The Teachings of Universal Unity
  3. Gard Jameson – Life with a Revelation
  4. The Future Golden Age
  5. What's The Plan?
  6. The Price of Freedom and Why Bad Things Happen
  7. Here is How to Run a Good Government – Message from the Sons of God
  8. The Inner Self
  9. May 18 – The Jubilee of Jubilees (and why there is a huge party in Heaven)
  10. The Resurrection


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