Part 2 Explained – The History of Our Universe Urantia Radio Podcast

Continuing our four-part series this episode gives an overview summary of Part 2 of the Urantia Book, entitled, The Local Universe.  From the beginnings of Nebadon, we learn of the myriad of inhabitants who make up this local creation of space, including the Seraphim, the Celestial Artisans, and of the differing personalities who make up the family of the Local Universe Creator Son and Divine Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. We also explore Mansonia, Jersuem, our system capital, and of Edentia, our Constellation Capital, where we delve into the history Lucifer Rebellion and its effects on the worlds of time and space. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/james-watkins/support
  1. Part 2 Explained – The History of Our Universe
  2. Urantia Radio Podcast (Trailer)
  3. Parth 3 Explain – The History of Our World
  4. Part 1 Explained – The History of God
  5. Dr. Jenny Martin on Thought Adjusters
  6. What Makes The Urantia Book Unique
  7. Urantia Science with Dr. Philip Calabrese
  8. Gard Jameson – Life with a Revelation
  9. The Price of Freedom and Why Bad Things Happen
  10. The Inner Self


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