Gabriel Rymberg Is Sharing the Good News (in a big way) Urantia Audio Podcast

The man who helped translate the Urantia Book into Hebrew is working on a new vision that he hopes will bring the life of Jesus to a whole new generation.  Gabriel Rymberg  joins us from Israel, where he shares with us his story, and what's behind the Jesus Metaverse project, and much, much more. It's also a candid interview about one man's search for the truth – and finding it, and then doing something with it to help others who may be looking for the same thing.   For more on Gabriel and the various Jesus projects we discuss, plus ways you can help support them: http://www.JesusMetaverse.org —- You want to share the “good news” of the life and teachings of Jesus as portrayed in the UB with the entire world but lack the ideas, organization or resources. We are building the Jesus Metaverse to share Jesus with billions and will also invite them to visit in person the Jesus Museum on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Be a part of this unprecedented effort. At the end of your days, when you graduate, you will know you’ve been industrious in sharing Jesus with the world. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/james-watkins/support
  1. Gabriel Rymberg Is Sharing the Good News (in a big way)
  2. Joshua Wilson talks Jesus & Current Events
  3. Project Jesus and The Center for Unity
  4. James Webb Telescope Discovery with Guest Joel Garbon
  5. David Kantor On The Spiritual Importance of Relationships
  6. Diane Labrecque on Jesus and More
  7. Joshua Wilson Discusses The Mind and The Brain
  8. Why The Shroud of Turin Is Relevant with Guest Halbert Katzen
  9. Part 2 Explained – The History of Our Universe
  10. Part 3 Explained – The History of Our World


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