Where are the Modern Day Prophets?

by James R. Watkins Most, if not all, of our contemporary leaders are political or social-justice warriors serving an ideology rooted in mortal gain. But where are our spiritual prophets? What of those generational personalities who arrive on the scene from time to time to inspire us to seek for spiritual gain? Every generation, stretching … Continue reading Where are the Modern Day Prophets?

Urantia vs. Christianity, Part I

As I peruse the different Christian websites that seek to portray The Urantia Book as a false “religion,” I feel compelled to point out the similarities between Urantia teachings and those of the Christian faith, hoping to facilitate a better understanding between both. Christians believe in heaven, in the resurrection, in souls, in the 'Spirit … Continue reading Urantia vs. Christianity, Part I

The Angelic Influence

According to Paper 114 of The Urantia Book, there are an average of about 1.2 billion angels assigned to watch over and work behind the scenes with mankind. Some work with religious leaders, others work alongside our major world leaders, trying to instill hope, trust and cooperation among these mortal working groups. While we might … Continue reading The Angelic Influence

Being Offended by God

This is just too important not to comment.Two stories crossed my desk this week, both having to do with large organizations that serve in the public interest being told to remove any vestiges of religious symbols that might “offend” other people who may not share the same religious views, or any at all Last week … Continue reading Being Offended by God