The Angelic Influence

AngelAccording to Paper 114 of The Urantia Book, there are an average of about 1.2 billion angels assigned to watch over and work behind the scenes with mankind. Some work with religious leaders, others work alongside our major world leaders, trying to instill hope, trust and cooperation among these mortal working groups.

While we might not be witness to it, rest assured there is a guiding spiritual hand that works toward universal brotherhood, “to be perfect, even as I am perfect,” as the Father, through his sons and daughters, works to move things progressively forward towards universal brotherhood.

Notwithstanding the tumultuous age we live in, having gone from being primitive to “modern” in a relatively sort span of time, these angels still, are playing a part in coordinating our own efforts towards reconciliation.

You can see this play out as we have gone from communal, tribal, to national and to global; the people are willing to cooperate to bring about world peace, but our leaders, driven by money mostly, drag their feet by putting up road blocks towards world peace in the name of political power. The military industry is a main driver, followed by the overzealous exploitation of resources that undermine or sometimes hinder better social progress.

The people want to get along, and do, but governments distrust each other, isolated despots remain free to subjugate their citizens, and then you have pockets of corrupt individuals, whether street gangs in Chicago or ISIS terrorists, who create local conflicts.

But I do believe the angels assigned to us are working hard to help us resolve these problems. I do believe that as ‘we the people’ push towards controlling these negative influences, even better times are ahead.

Angels bring smart people together. Angels inspire cooperative effort among men and women (such as when disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes strike), lower Seraphim might even protect, as best they can, ourselves from even more damage to each other.

When the Las Vegas shooter, a trained marksman, fired off a thousand rounds of ammunition at what can only be described as a fish bowel of people, less than 5% of the people where struck, tragic still, but arguably a lot more people managed to survive.

Could it be the Angels of Mercy where able to move people out of the way of the bullets? Is it possible? It is if you believe in angels.

We can see that real progress is being made towards influencing our recognition that there is universal commonality among most people in the world, a consensus that our shared interest of peace and prosperity is what makes us the same.

The new generation thinks nothing of traveling hither and yon, openly experiencing many world cultures, communicating with friends (and strangers) around the world.

People love peace, and through peace comes a form of brotherhood, and this is what angels are meant to do, promote brotherhood and instigate better thinking so as to make it easier for “the Most Highs to rule in the kingdoms of men.”

To this end, it seems commerce and trade, a free-market environment does much to promote peaceful relations, which will only lead to increased living standards for everyone. Mankind is slowly realizing it is better, and more comfortable, when people get along, have mobility and personal freedoms.

And it is in these circumstances angels are most effective in helping us grow as spiritual beings of the mortal realm.

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