Urantia vs. Christianity, Part II

By James R. Watkins Well respected Urantia Book speaker David Kantor posed an interesting question at a symposium on the subject of Christianity and The Urantia Book. He said, “there are two paths: the Urantia Book could develop its own “religion,” or the Urantia Book teachings could become a part of Christianity. In the first … Continue reading Urantia vs. Christianity, Part II

We Should Say “God Bless You” More Often

One thing I have noticed about today’s society is that we don’t say “God Bless You,” enough when we talk with people. Maybe its an old custom, but I like it when someone says that phrase to me. I find it comforting. It makes me pause for a moment and appreciate social contact, that the … Continue reading We Should Say “God Bless You” More Often

The Truth About Urantia Book Origins

There is much to say about how the Urantia Book came to be. Unfortunately, most of what is being perpetuated about the origins of this strange tome of profound religious, scientific and philosophical subject matter appears to be jaded by man’s incessant need to "make stuff up" when the real facts are hard to comprehend. … Continue reading The Truth About Urantia Book Origins

A Greater Reality

There really is a parallel universe, its just not what you think it is. If you are a materialist you might think earth came to be by some kind of cosmic disbursement 14 billion years ago, the first uncaused cause, you think man has been alone all along, you might think all of the entirety … Continue reading A Greater Reality