A Greater Reality


There really is a parallel universe, its just not what you think it is.

If you are a materialist you might think earth came to be by some kind of cosmic disbursement 14 billion years ago, the first uncaused cause, you think man has been alone all along, you might think all of the entirety of the known universe is completely empty of intelligent life and we are the only ones here who can figure it out.

The way most people view our world is not unlike how a small tribe that lives on an island in the South Pacific sees themselves and assumes there is no other land – or people.

But the parallel universe, unlike what Stephen Hawking might describe, as being some mirror or reflective universe that is independent of our own, one filled with exact replicas and the like, is NOT what I am speaking of.

In the parallel universe I am talking about it can best be described as the greater reality, the real place where things are unfolding in an intelligently organized way, of which our world is just a very small part. This greater reality is filled with spirit personalities, angelic personalities and a whole host of non-personality energy forms that have been in existence long before our earth, or even our sun, has been in existence.

Our earth lies on the outskirts of this very large creation.

Long before earth “got here,” there were and are other “earths” or worlds, and they too, are inhabited with beings like ourselves, but they too are also being guided by spiritual forces we simply can’t see in our present state. Our material vision, and especially our inability to grasp the connected-ness of things, does not allow us to see just beyond the scenes of the physical world. Just beyond our mortal vision, are agents and forces who work on our behalf.

Spiritually-minded people already know what this greater reality is, but they are called fools, stupid religionists who are not “rooted in the science of physical existence,” as if the physical is all there is.

You see, religion is a result of they trying to teach us that there is a heaven, a greater and enduring reality where there is a continued existence, and we are ascendant beings who start out on earth and ascend inward and upward.

Just as a small Island tribe one day learns of the existence of others and then begins real growth and development, so are we, when the time is ripe, going to learn of this other existence, this parallel universe that moves alongside our own limited, finite reality.

We are getting close to being ready. Just as we begin to at first discover other worlds of habitation, and then later begin to find one that is far in advance of our own, the first thing we learn from this other world is that they too believe they are part of a cosmic and expansive universe where life springs forth on a grand scale. It’s just that right now we are a tiny tribe on an island, and when we do advance in our cosmic awareness we are going to learn so much about ourselves and about our future, both as a species and as individuals.

And then all of those things that the prophets tried to teach us, all of those great mysteries that have baffled us for a long time about our origins, all of the great truths that Jesus taught and still teaches, will be revealed more fully.

And it starts with one simple notion. A Creator of spiritual and physical brilliance created the arena for life to exist so that all beings, high and low, can experience living, and to grow from that experience, to be perfect, even as God is perfect. All else proceeds from this one great truth.

We are not alone, we never were.

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