We Should Say “God Bless You” More Often

One thing I have noticed about today’s society is that we don’t say “God Bless You,” enough when we talk with people.

Maybe its an old custom, but I like it when someone says that phrase to me. I find it comforting. It makes me pause for a moment and appreciate social contact, that the person saying it has a heart and is truly conveying a sentiment that we should all reflect upon from time to time.

So often in life we forget that our efforts do matter, and our relationships do count. Saying “God bless you” is a salutation that goes back far in time. Spit exchange, what eventually evolved into kissing, was another salutation, but I am sure most people wouldn’t want me to share my saliva with them, but saying ‘God bless you’ puts that extra care into our common everyday dealings with fellow travelers in this life.

Although I am sure someone might be offended by saying “God bless you,” in their minds, especially if they are an ardent atheist, they might think, “What do you mean God bless you? what, you think there is a god? how dare you offend me with such notions, what are you, a neanderthal?!” and you can just hear the offended persons thoughts spiral into a heated moment of utter resentment. “How dare they presume that I believe in some non-sensical deity…”

When offering that extra kind phrase, one that should, as I say, give pause to the idea that our life has purpose and that God cares about us, remember that it is always a good thing to inject some “positive vibrations” as you go about your day., and saying ‘God bless you,’ is a simple way to do so, even if the other person doesn’t necesarrily subscribe to deity personification.

Oh, and by the way, God bless you for reading this. You took five minutes out of your day to give me your attention and consideration. I hope the good Lord graces you with good fortune.


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