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A Story We Need to Hear

This week we celebrate the lead up to Easter. It was the last week of Jesus's life on earth, and it deserves contemplation. The story is still relevant. A man who preached the Good News is a shock to the Jewish system of Religious law. The people love him, then they turn on him, and… Continue reading A Story We Need to Hear


Do People Still Pray?

by James. R Watkins Prayer is such a personal thing. Prayer is all about spirit, mind and will. Our mind, focused on the will to reach beyond ourselves to touch, if even for just a fleeting moment, divinity. I can’t imagine a more personal, intimate moment when the choice we make to reach out is… Continue reading Do People Still Pray?


New data on Jupiter confirms Urantia Book – again

Photo Credit - Business Insider/NASA

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Want to Know Where God Lives? Just ask George Park

by James R. Watkins I’ve been spending a number of evenings pouring through some interesting articles provided by Urantia Book researcher George Park. I invite you to check out his research if you are into astronomy. I was so impressed by his work, I invited George to be my guest on Perspectives (now streaming on our… Continue reading Want to Know Where God Lives? Just ask George Park