The Universe Hawking Didn’t See

“What shall it profit a man who would gain the world and lose his soul?” – Mark 8:36

by James R. Watkins

Stephen Hawking was no doubt a brilliant thinker when it came to Science. In the age of Reason, Hawking was propped up as the go-to guy to explain how reality came into existence. He stayed true to his convictions, he pushed his ideas as far as they could go. Stephen Hawking gained the universe, or at least a better understanding of it. Yet despite his acute understanding of the cosmos, Hawking seemed to discard a Creator, a master designer, God.

How does a man who marvels at creation believe that such a creation would come into being of its own accord? And why does modern Science present Hawking as the final authority on all things real, discounting any notion of Intelligent Design, when the very mind of Hawking was able to penetrate a deep understanding of creation that (supposedly) had no mind, no planning, no purpose?

Would it have hurt his credibility to have some faith in a Creator? And do scientists (and people in general) believe that having spiritual faith is contrary to believing in Science?

Perhaps it would be fair not to judge the great physicist, after all, it is possible that during his life he had some doubt that maybe, just maybe there was a great designer; perhaps on some visceral level, while Hawking couldn’t prove it, felt inclined to suspect our universe was not just a cause-and-effect reality after all. Maybe in his final moments of life Hawking might have heard the faint whisper of God calling him to the great beyond, the beyond Hawking couldn’t explain and couldn’t prove with hard data.

I’d like to believe he did.

My faith tells me that in order to receive grace, you have to have faith in it, as Jesus stated, “it is your faith that saves you.” Jesus also said that it is not for us to judge others as to their relationship with the Father, but to minister to ‘even the unbeliever.’

While I always admired the tenacity and the insight of Stephen Hawking, it was also irritating that such a smart man would  exclude the idea that our universe was created for a reason, that existence has a spiritual purpose which underlies the cosmos, and that it wasn’t just an accident, or a ‘Big Bang.’

If Hawking missed that point it would be a shame, for such was a man who did gain an understanding of the universe, but failed to see the most important aspect in that universe, the nurturing of the eternal soul that see’s the divinity in creation and not just creation itself.

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