Do People Still Pray?

by James. R Watkins

Prayer is such a personal thing. Prayer is all about spirit, mind and will. Our mind, focused on the will to reach beyond ourselves to touch, if even for just a fleeting moment, divinity.

I can’t imagine a more personal, intimate moment when the choice we make to reach out is consummated by the desire of our Creator to reach us where we are and how we are at that moment.

Numerous studies have shown that prayer helps. From relieving stress to recovery from horrible sickness, prayer mobilizes our most powerful weapon: our desire to have spiritual intimacy with Deity.No other animal on the planet seeks toworship, but we do; and every person who has done so will testify to its feelings of satisfying peace after having prayed.

The Revelators went to great lengths, in Papers 91 and 92 to tell us where the desire for prayer comes from, and how we can be more effective at it.

Prayer works, they say, because when we pray the highest part of our consciousness is motivated and actualized by a potent spiritual force, as opposed to behaving in concert with our more animal natures and tendencies.

But in this crazy world of non-stop entertainment, dazzling screens, Candy Crush, incessant music and video, Facebook and Snapchat, one wonders if prayer even still matters. 

If it is true that prayer also effectively increases wisdom through spiritual insight and revelation, then we may be in trouble. If Prayer as an act of spiritual mobilization becomes less frequent in our daily lives, are we effectively dulling our “spiritual senses?”

What are our :spiritual senses? they are that part of us that strives to seek a better understanding of the world around us, and thus, becomes more acute in pursuing those worthwhile goals based on truth, beauty and goodness.

In our daily acts, imagine if we started the day with a very simple prayer of thanks, or praying to be a better person, forgetting ourselves for just a moment and focusing our heart and mind on how to have better relationships with not only our Creator, but with our family members, friends and business associates as well.

And the best thing about prayer is this: prayer is an instinctive act, no previous experience required. It is intrinsic to our natures as ascendant mortals; the desire to pray is, shall we say, hardwired into us, just like a Mac is hardwired to connect to a wi-fi router, or an iPhone to a cell-tower. 

Using a tired metaphor, if you don’t water the garden the plants will wither and eventually die.

And if we stop utilizing prayer, what are the social ramifications on a sociological scale?

Perhaps prayer could begin to stimulate the better natures of mankind; if we all prayed a little bit more (and not just for things but for insight), the fruits of this prayer would show forth in displays of better conduct, more cooperation and a reduction in the vitriol we now see spilling into the streets and in social media.

Maybe prayer on a global level could change the world for the better. What have we got to lose?

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