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The Real Miracle of Jesus

"The power of any idea lies, not in its certainty or truth, but rather in the vividness of its human appeal." - The Urantia Book, Papers 92:3.3 As a closing thought to this years Easter celebration, I have given much consideration as to why we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, with the biblical emphasis centered around his… Continue reading The Real Miracle of Jesus

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Is There A Place Called Hell?

by Jamie Rochelle, Contributor When Pope Francis, just days before Easter, said that he believes there is no actual place such as Hell, the world went crazy. Half of the world's Catholics rushed to say the Pope was simply misquoted, the other half condemned the Pope for making such an egregious statement, going against thousands… Continue reading Is There A Place Called Hell?

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Who Was David Zebedee and Why It Matters

by Jeffery Richards, Contributer David Zebedee was the brother of John and James Zebedee, the two first Apostles of Jesus. And while Davids’ brothers were busy being ambassadors of the new kingdom, David busied himself by setting up a network of messengers who would carry news of Jesus of Nazareth throughout Judea. You might consider… Continue reading Who Was David Zebedee and Why It Matters