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Gabriel – The Fixer

by James Watkins It is interesting to note that, throughout human history, Gabriel seems to make his mark. This mighty angel, the chief executive, the Bright and Morning Star who serves at the pleasure of Michael, dots the timeline of humanity from the age of Enoch, to Daniel, to the appearance before John the Baptists'… Continue reading Gabriel – The Fixer

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New Jupiter Find Confirms Urantia Book Statement

Interesting read about 79 new moons just discovered circling our largest solar system neighbor Jupiter. In a recent article published by The New York Times and other outlets: "they did spot 12 new points of light in the vicinity of Jupiter. Verifying the observations took a year, and then the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center —… Continue reading New Jupiter Find Confirms Urantia Book Statement


Possible Planet with Life

We came across a recent article about a possible discovery of a life-bearing planet - and this planet is but a mere 11 light years distance from Earth. From "Ross 128 is a red dwarf. Most of the stars in the galaxy are red dwarfs, around 70 percent. They are cooler and smaller than… Continue reading Possible Planet with Life