Next Stop: Utopia

by JR Watkins Underlying the current social condition of our planet, we must ultimately ask ourselves “what is our global objective, what is Man’s destiny?’ and if it is Utopia we strive for, what does Utopia look like and how do we get there? Surely every culture or country would have a different answer, which … Continue reading Next Stop: Utopia

Why Burning Man is a Very Bad Sign

by JR Watkins Long before The Burning Man festival in Nevada became chic, it became clear to me that this pantheistic celebration of “nothing” was concerning - if it ever became mainstream. History shows that societies live or die by its spiritual progress. Many cultures have ended up as dust in history because they failed … Continue reading Why Burning Man is a Very Bad Sign

What is the difference between God and The Supreme Being?

Many people understand the concept of a perfect Deity, an existential Creator, but some people might not grasp the nature of a Supreme Being, or they do not yet understand the difference between an existential Creator and an experiential Deity. Back in the theoretical 'beginnings of things', we can grasp the concept of Deity being … Continue reading What is the difference between God and The Supreme Being?


There is a particular paragraph from paper 195 of The Urantia Book that deserves important consideration. Take a quick read of the paragraph below and ask yourself if the revelators are trying to send us a message as to what might be to come IF humanity continues on its current path. (195:3) "Even a good … Continue reading OLD ROME, MEET NEW ROME