There is a particular paragraph from paper 195 of The Urantia Book that deserves important consideration.

Take a quick read of the paragraph below and ask yourself if the revelators are trying to send us a message as to what might be to come IF humanity continues on its current path.

(195:3) “Even a good religion could not save a great empire from the sure results of lack of individual participation in the affairs of government, from overmuch paternalism, overtaxation and gross collection abuses, unbalanced trade with the Levant which drained away the gold, amusement madness, Roman standardization, the degradation of woman, slavery and race decadence, physical plagues, and a state church which became institutionalized nearly to the point of spiritual barrenness.”

Perhaps not so much in the U.S., but certainly when we look to many so-called progressive European countries like The UK, Germany, the Netherlands, even in more despotic places like Iran, much of Southeast Asia, and in U.S. cities like New Orleans, San Francisco and Chicago, there are clear signs that mankind is moving not forward, but backward, and this despite all of our technical advances.

The good news is that as the world becomes more intertwined through commerce and the sharing of culture, world-wide brotherhood is attainable, as is disclosed here in this statement from Paper 72:

“The pouring out of the Spirit of Truth provides the spiritual foundation for the realization of great achievements in the interests of the human race of the bestowal world. Urantia is therefore far better prepared for the more immediate realization of a planetary government with its laws, mechanisms, symbols, conventions, and language —all of which could contribute so mightily to the establishment of world-wide peace under law and could lead to the sometime dawning of a real age of spiritual striving; and such an age is the planetary threshold to the utopian ages of light and life.”

There is a fork in the road, the secular road leads to more unrest, the other, one based on spiritual ideals, leads towards more cooperation between cultures and nations, but much of it will depend, according to the revelators, on applying spiritual pressure to solve our problems, as stated so clearly at the end of Paper 195:

A lasting social system without a morality predicated on spiritual realities can no more be maintained than could the solar system without gravity.”

“…Without God, without religion, scientific secularism can never co-ordinate its forces, harmonize its divergent and rivalrous interests, races, and nationalisms. This secularistic human society, notwithstanding its unparalleled materialistic achievement, is slowly disintegrating. The chief cohesive force resisting this disintegration of antagonism is nationalism. And nationalism is the chief barrier to world peace.”

“…The inherent weakness of secularism is that it discards ethics and religion for politics and power. You simply cannot establish the brotherhood of men while ignoring or denying the fatherhood of God.”

“…Secular social and political optimism is an illusion. Without God, neither freedom and liberty, nor property and wealth will lead to peace.”

If you are wondering what it was like to see the Roman Empire collapse, look around you. It’s happening now.

The question is will this new revelation, The Urantia Book, survive the social disintegration long enough to have a future influence once society begins to put itself back together?


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