What is the difference between God and The Supreme Being?

Many people understand the concept of a perfect Deity, an existential Creator, but some people might not grasp the nature of a Supreme Being, or they do not yet understand the difference between an existential Creator and an experiential Deity.

Back in the theoretical ‘beginnings of things’, we can grasp the concept of Deity being perfect; in fact the only personal being in the entire cosmos who is existentially perfect “in all His ways,” the I AM, is God. He was “born” perfect.” though I use the term “born” because finite beings must have theoretical beginnings. In reality, God, an eternal Deity, has always been existentially perfect.

But God desires to be more than perfect of his own right, and by divesting his perfection through creation, God becomes experientially perfecting. 

In a sense, The Supreme Being is in the embryonic stage of existence, and this process involves personality growth through the experience of each and every part of the whole. Each of us, a unique and original spiritual expression of Gods’ infinite personality become parts of this whole, which is the Supreme Being – that stage when God has exhausted every possible expression in his creation.

Each of us, as we ascend towards perfection through actual living experience, represent the attempt of God to move from being existential to experiential. 

So we pray to a personal Father who is the existential Creator, the perfect and highest personality in the universe. But the Supreme Being is still yet to come only because God, the existential Deity, isn’t done experiencing every facet of personality existence, which he does through his created personalities of time and space, including his mortal children of time and space (that would be you and me).

The Supreme Being represents the whole of Deity expression as yet incomplete, unfinished, and since we are part of Deity because we are a part of God (or he is part of us), it is in our choosing of perfection attainment (i.e., being a better person) that determines how, where and when Gods’ final expression of experiential AND existential perfection will merge and find complete expression in the Supreme Being.

When you view creation as being a body, with God as the Mind, and each of us as a living cell in this body, then it becomes more clear that the parts of creation contribute to the whole of creation, the someday emergence of God’s next phase of existence, the Supreme Being.

This truth alone should forever dispel the human notion that life is worthless.

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