Why Burning Man is a Very Bad Sign

by JR Watkins

Long before The Burning Man festival in Nevada became chic, it became clear to me that this pantheistic celebration of “nothing” was concerning – if it ever became mainstream.

History shows that societies live or die by its spiritual progress. Many cultures have ended up as dust in history because they failed to develop a clear concept of spiritual faith and a subsequent philosophy that results from a mature religious ideal. Mankind can, as a matter of principle, be judged by its spiritual maturity.

Burning Man is the antithesis of God. It is purely man-made and man-centered, and plays to the more animalistic tendencies of human nature. It celebrates unbridled liberty and self-determination based on the individual desired. It is the celebration of the secular ideal that man does not need religion, or God, and is in fact, the center of reality.

There is no God as a supreme and loving creator at Burning Man, but you are more likely to experience the culmination of Humanism as performed in the symbolic Burning Man, who himself represents a belief in nothing, free from the shackles of traditional religious truth which calls on us to serve God and his will, and not our temporal desires of the flesh.

Burning Man is, more than anything else, a pretense for partying, plain an simple. But it is cloaked in some kind of new secular celebration reminiscent of golden calves and idol worship.

That such spoiled children of time would delude themselves into trying to erect Burning Man into a national symbol of the “freedom of self,” reflects something of today‘s culture as it is embraced among the secular societies of the world: the worship of things.

Forget not that many who attend this festival sway great influence in our culture. And if they believe in the sanctimony of Burning Mans’ central philosophy, which is that there is nothing to believe in but self, then how much of this adopted philosophy of living permeates through the influence these people have back home in their communities of Silicon Valley. 

Execs from Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants attend this festival, and this has spurred more interest in bringing others into the fold. Indeed, the most influential people on the planet right now are active proponents of the new secular age, the age of Burning Man. 

But what does this portend for mankind in this current age?

Burning Man will be ‘viral’ this year, you can count on it. and the next, and the next. Millennials who have no grounding to traditional faith will be most susceptible to this false philosophy of human ebellishment; young and fertile minds who don’t know any better, are lured and dazzled into adopting this very dangerous philosophy.

My first thought would be to show up and start handing out Urantia Books, but the book is much too precious for me to see it end up in a bond fire.

My only other thought is to write this blog to help alert the faithful that this event is much more dangerous than you think. And we cannot hope that the spiritually illiterate will be wise to this dark event. 

Let us hope this is not what it appears to be, because if it is, I fear we are truly entering a dark spiritual age.

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