The Most High and The Supreme Court – The Divine Connection and Why it Matters

by JR Watkins

As I watch the Senate confirmation hearings on Judge Kavanaugh, I can’t help to think of how the greatest country on earth, indeed, perhaps even the greatest country in history, has made a sham of what should be a completely respected process in which we decide to choose the next Supreme Court Justice nominee to sit in the country’s highest judicial office.

Partisanship has infected the process and it does not bode well for our Republic.

In Scripture, we are instructed that “The Most High rules in the kingdoms of men,” (Daniel 4:17). The takeaway is that in spirit, God rules over the many kingdoms of men in those nations that uphold the rule of law and pursue godly objectives. Hence, our country, founded on representative government in which all citizens are subject to the rule of law based on godly principles (truth, fairness, justice and mercy), are given divine favor and grace.

In heaven, I believe that the Trinity, our Father, his Son and his Spirit, represent the Supreme Court of heaven; they are our judges, and we are assured that in God’s kingdom, divine justice and mercy are guaranteed to the faith sons of God; America’s Supreme Court reflects a morsel of this divine justice, and so it is a privilege for all of us that our country at least seeks to mete out justice in a godly fashion, in so far as the process isn’t polluted by partisanship.

I have faith in the outcome of our due process, I have faith that as long as our country is premised on the notion that we are “endowed by our Creator,” our system of government will survive – despite its imperfections.

Pause to consider that the American system is an experiment, a result of the age-long struggle of tribes to ascertain a divine goal, to be perfect in its effort to guarantee that all human beings are afforded true justice and mercy. And this is why our government, which has as its foundation, three branches of authority to prevent tyranny, echoes the Most High government of God, displayed in the balance of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our Republic, just as God the Father (Justice), God the Son, (Mercy) and God the Spirit (Fairness) is shown as how the Most High rules in the kingdoms of enlightened men and women.

And this is exactly why partisanship – which is nothing more than short-term political pandering to one side of a political ideology, undermines the sanctity of our Republic, which should be based in part, on a judicial body that is blind to ideology, and only concerned with meting out justice, fairness and mercy in a supposed enlightened society.

To reduce the process of selecting a new Supreme Court Justice to a mere debate on abortion, gay rights and whether or not the wife of the nominee displayed a “white supremacist” hand signal is, frankly, an embarrassment. It is not worthy of a nation who, at least in theory, tries to mirror the Most Highs who rule in the kingdoms of men.

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