The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Last week NASA announced it was stepping up its game on the search for other life in the universe. SETI has also recently received a windfall of funding and is also partnering with various agencies who share a keen, if not heightened interest in finding life out there in the cosmos. With improved telescopes we … Continue reading The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

It’s Been 63 Years Since Gods’ Angels Spoke to Us

by JR Watkins On October 12 we will have had The Urantia Book for 63 years. that's when the first edition of the Urantia Book rolled off the printing press and began to be sold and made available to humanity. By all accounts, the book is a top-seller. Over a million copies have been sold, … Continue reading It’s Been 63 Years Since Gods’ Angels Spoke to Us

China and the Spiritual Threat

by JR Watkins While those of us in the west continue to enjoy our modern-day comforts we need to be concerned about what is happening in China, Today, the threat of atheism is even greater. China contains half of the world's population. It also has its tendrils throughout the rest of the world as it … Continue reading China and the Spiritual Threat