China and the Spiritual Threat

by JR Watkins

While those of us in the west continue to enjoy our modern-day comforts we need to be concerned about what is happening in China,

Today, the threat of atheism is even greater. China contains half of the world’s population. It also has its tendrils throughout the rest of the world as it becomes even more aggressive as a police state, employing new technology to monitor and control not only its citizens, but its global partners as well, as detailed in this report you will find most disconcerting.

And this gives me pause to reflect on the subject matter contained in Paper 195 of the Urantia Book, where the authors extensively discuss the dangers of two primary social constructs of the modern age:

  1. Materialism/Secularism

  2. Totalitarianism

In my early years of study I had considered these two subjects directed more at the early 20th Century, as modern secularism was quite rampant and of course, Russia and China were pursuing communist goals which opened the door to Totalitarian governments in smaller countries like Cuba and North Korea as this ideology spread

Over time Russia seemed to moved towards a more open Democracy (relatively speaking), and China also seemed to be embracing modern open-markets and presumably, seemed more open to democracy.


If you read the news you are becoming aware that human-rights in China are at an all-time low, and religious expression is under full assault by the Communist party. When half of our world is run by a government has made it against the law to believe in God and only give adherence to  Chairman Xi, and this same government we will lock you up if you believe otherwise (and can now watch every move you make thanks to that smartphone you love and carry around with you everywhere you go), there is a problem.  I am sure this problem has even arrested the attention of our unseen friends on high, as it should concern us humans as well.

So with this in mind I have posted the audio narrative of Paper 195 all this week, which takes us from the time after Pentecost, to the modern age, including an extensive narrative on the dangers of Materialism, Secularism, Mechanism, atheistic Science, and especially the extreme dangers of Totalitarianism – which arise from these ideologies.

Is it prophecy? A warning perhaps?

Please enjoy this weekend’ Urantia Radio where we present paper 195 for your listening pleasure.

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