Marriage and Family

This week I choose to stream the three papers from the Urantia Book having to do with the evolution and institution of marriage, papers 82, 83 & 94 from The Urantia Book.

You can listen now on

At this time in society, it seems we have lost our way on what marriage is to society. The very foundation of civilization is built upon the marriage institution, therefore it is prudent to review how it evolved and how it serves society, even in modern times. I hope you will enjoy this week’s selection.

Also, as an added extra, I found an original letter from Dr. William Sadler entitled 62 Original Concepts found in the Urantia Revelation. It is narrated this week and is exciting because it goes through the wide range of topics found in the Urantia papers and what it offers to seekers of truth in religion, history, philosophy.

The Concepts letter was prompted by early critics of the book who told Dr. Sadler the Urantia Book was nothing more than science fiction and offered “nothing new,” or revelatory. Sadler presents his conclusions of new concepts introduced in the Urantia Papers found nowhere in literature or in religion.

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