How Do We Spread the Revelation?

Hard work. Patience. These are the two most important elements in spreading any new teaching or idea.   Some ideas come too soon, others come too late or no longer have appeal. Some ideas, like the Urantia Book, come too early for the masses, but came at the right time to make sure enough people… Continue reading How Do We Spread the Revelation?

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Progress, Part II

   As we started off this brief overview of what "progress" really means in terms of endgame societal evolution, in this short dissertation, we look at the two predominant forces that seek to exert themselves, two driving forces that insure equilibrium. JR Watkins is an author and host of Candidly Speaking on Urantia Radio.com  … Continue reading Progress, Part II

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What is Progress?

   So often these days we about the Progressives, or how the world is divided between the Nationalists, and the Globalists, each seeking to dominate society. But what is true progress? Where is the mother ship of humanity headed, and are we to assume that true progress is the end-game, but who's endgame? The Progressive… Continue reading What is Progress?