How Do We Spread the Revelation?

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 7.58.06 PMHard work. Patience. These are the two most important elements in spreading any new teaching or idea.


Some ideas come too soon, others come too late or no longer have appeal. Some ideas, like the Urantia Book, come too early for the masses, but came at the right time to make sure enough people saw it to allow it to endure, take root, and hopefully, spread.


In my first book A New Revelation, it was important for me to explore the origins of the Urantia Book and to explore its potential future. I still hold that it may take decades before The Urantia Book ever becomes mainstream. It is a religious document first and foremost, it is a revelation, not just a new theory of how reality works. It was given to us just as Jesus was given to us, just as Adam and Eve, Melchizedek and Caligastia were given to us, as revelations of new truth to help nudge us along humanity’s evolution of progress.


In each revelation things started small and it took eons of time for these new truths to take root. In Caligastia’s case, he betrayed his trust and all was lost to early man; in Adam and Eve’s case, partial truth was revealed – and held, long enough to make it onto the pages of the Bible, but only in fragmented form.

Melchizedek changed the whole direction of mankind; he prepared the way for the coming of the Son of Man. Most of the major religions sprang from the early teachings of the schools he founded in Ur and at Salem. Many of the older faiths like Hinduism and Buddhism, and of course Judaism, received enough of Machiventas’ teachings that they preserved much in the way of truth and spiritual flavor.

Think about that the next time you see the Ten Commandments on a wall or carved into stone. Though the Commandments didn’t come from Machiventa, he carried the light from the Garden and handed it to Abraham, and then Moses made it a number one hit record, so to speak.

And then, of course, there is Jesus.

Jesus still lives brightly on the planet. He continues to change lives and bring souls into the kingdom. It is a blessing that, despite the failings of the church that bears his name, his message and revelation still shines on in the hearts of mankind.

But with regard to the Urantia book, we are the scatterings of a hundred thousand searchers, the early adapters who have been lucky enough to find and study the new revelation, but we are still in the embryonic stage of spreading this new revelation because the world is not ready just yet. Just as many in Jesus’ time were not ready for such a simple message; just as people in Abrahams time were not ready to believe that ‘you faith alone can save you.’

I believe the revelators knew our propensity to worship ancient books. Somewhere in one or more of my writings I am sure I have mentioned this before, that I believe it will be a thousand years before people begin to take note of the Urantia Book. Its antiquity will provide for its authenticity, as religious books often do.

In the meantime, effort must be made to make sure it doesn’t get buried in the theological mud that is today’s religion, the morass of evolutionary religions becoming irrelevant during these time of Science and Reason.


My first book was supposed to be titled “You Say You Want a Revelation,” but instead, I went with Exploring a New Revelation. Now it’s time to go back to my original premise, which as to explore how a reader of the Urantia Book, knowing full well the scope if this revelation, is supposed to apply these ideas while living in the modern age.

I hope to have my new book published by January 2020. It will be my second attempt at explaining why the Urantia Book is the most important book of all time.


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