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God – The Original Bluetooth Signal

   The other day I was trying to pair my headset with my laptop through bluetooth.    If you have ever tried to pair a device with bluetooth, it is basically one originating source sending out a signal looking to be “heard" by another device attuned to that frequency.    In my headset when I… Continue reading God – The Original Bluetooth Signal

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What The Word URANTIA Means

In this brief video presentation we look at the word URANTIA, where its root meanings comes from and why it is the name given to us as the name of our world. Interesting word, indeed. Check it out:  

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Heaven Just Delivered A Huge Data Drop

There are four key distinctions that set the Urantia Book apart from other theologies; these distinctions, or positions on reality, are unique only to the Urantia Book.      These four distinctions might be considered revelatory in scope and originality because, prior to 1955, these expanded concepts were non-existent in mainstream theological teachings. Since 1955,… Continue reading Heaven Just Delivered A Huge Data Drop

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When Truth No Longer Matters

Anyone who has read the Urantia Book, and in particular, Part 3 on our history, knows that when societies aren't spiritually hungry, they perish. When man stops looking for the truth, eternal truth, then that man's days are really numbered. In paper 195 we are instructed "a society without God is like a solar system… Continue reading When Truth No Longer Matters