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New Neanderthal Study Confirms Revelation

This is going to get real interesting. For decades scientist believed, based on DNA and carbon dating techniques, that Neanderthals emerged much later, perhaps 250-500,000 years ago. New research entitled Dental evolutionary rates and its implications for the Neanderthal–modern human divergence, written by Aida Gomez Robles, published in Science Advances, summarizes the research as follows:    The… Continue reading New Neanderthal Study Confirms Revelation

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The BIG Lie of Atheism

   I’m going to bang this out in five minutes because it has been on my mind.     I am sick and tired of being reminded how people are just not into religion anymore. Or worse, we have an entire generation of young adults who have absolutely no idea what real religion is, so I… Continue reading The BIG Lie of Atheism

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Sign Of The Times

   Even if you just extrapolate the intersectional coincidence of two consecutive solar eclipses occurring seven years apart - and at the exact location of a huge Christian cross, the incident itself is quite extraordinary.    Why the press never picked up on this event is curious, after all, isn't every day you have two… Continue reading Sign Of The Times