The Neanderthal Mystery That Isn’t

For years scientists continue to be baffled about the origin and migration patterns of the Neanderthalers. They continue to be suprised, and then therefore need to constantky recalibrate their data with every new discovery. Indeed, this race of early man provides great intrigue, mainly because of one single quedtion. Why did they failed to survive? … Continue reading The Neanderthal Mystery That Isn’t

Mankind’s Next Important Chapter

I want to share some thoughts having to do with the study of Paper 81 on The Development of Civilization - how we got here and what happens next. For those who are not familiar with who the Adamites and the Nodites were, these names reference ancient superior races who were descended of Adam and … Continue reading Mankind’s Next Important Chapter

Why Urantians’ Should Pay Attention To China

As of this writing, it can be confirmed through numerous and reliable sources that the government of China, the largest government on the planet, is routinely harvesting organs, primarily from religious people who have been imprisoned for being found guilty of the egregious crime of displaying their faith in God. The Epoch Times, for example, … Continue reading Why Urantians’ Should Pay Attention To China

To My Fellow Humanist, No Thanks

by Jim Watkins A group called Good Without God wanted its city to remove a cross that was erected to honor a World War I veteran. The case, like many, seeks to uphold the seperation of Church and State, with which I firmly agree. The State should never foster or inhibit religion, it's in our … Continue reading To My Fellow Humanist, No Thanks