Why Urantians’ Should Pay Attention To China

As of this writing, it can be confirmed through numerous and reliable sources that the government of China, the largest government on the planet, is routinely harvesting organs, primarily from religious people who have been imprisoned for being found guilty of the egregious crime of displaying their faith in God.

The Epoch Times, for example, documents as many as 3,000 recent cases where people from South Korea, Africa snd Middle East have traveled to Chinese hospitals to recieve organs, with wait times no longer than a few weeks.

For a Urantian, a person who is familiar with the historical roots of spirituality, this is an unprecedented horror. That a country five times more densely populated than the United States, can, with unfettered ability, persecute people in the form of removing their organs simply because the believe in God, Jesus, Buddhist, or Allah, is beyond reprehensible, and marks a very dark chapter in the annals of human history.

Such methods of human governance also perfectly illustrates why it is so neccessary to have God in our conscience. If ours was a secular government which denied that we were “endowed by our creator,” then we too would have a government that puts its own selfish needs before the dignity of the human spirit. And there is always this ever-present danger if we don’t, as a people, protect religious liberties.

Our ignorance, or our unwllingness to confront organ harvesting within China’s borders is a battle cry for every person of faith who believes something should be done to help save every Falun Gong, Christian or Uyghur Muslim alive today who faces this kind of torture.

I will compose a follow up article on what I think could be a viable step towards helping the prisoners of conscience in China if I can reach 1000 interested readers.

I hope you will share this message.

Below is a 4-part audio summation of this report.





Jim Watkins is 30-student of The Urantia Book, a national media consultant, author and former network talk show producer and host of the Candidly Speaking political blog and podcast

One thought on “Why Urantians’ Should Pay Attention To China

  1. The Yellow race is on of the primary evolutionary types. For the most part they are united in philosophy, now they are building are spreading “China Town” in the countries they are in.
    Plus a lot of countries owe them money.

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