Mankind’s Next Important Chapter

I want to share some thoughts having to do with the study of Paper 81 on The Development of Civilization – how we got here and what happens next.

For those who are not familiar with who the Adamites and the Nodites were, these names reference ancient superior races who were descended of Adam and Eve, as well as a previous race of “Mighty Men of Old’ (Genesis 6:4) who are identified as the Nodites (‘In the land of Nod, where Cain found a wife” (Genesis 4:16).

On the advice the Revelators give for maintaining civilization in the face of our modern challenges, the underlying lessons I see from Paper 81 are important to understand.

These are surely unprecedented times, the accumulation of the ages forcing us to adapt as no other generation before us has ever had to face. Needless to say the message is loud and clear: Things are changing and you need to be prepared!

Paper 81 summarizes two key points:

1) That we are the end result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary hard labor, coupled with the help of advanced races of the past.

2) That because we are “plunging forward” with the “accumulated momentum” of the previous few hundred thousand years of evolution, a spiritual foundation (or renaissance) is now needed to keep society from breaking down.

The Nodites, Adamites and the mixed Andites started out as spiritually superior races and cultures, as well as also being biologically superior. They have now been completely absorbed into the six primary races of mankind (and the earlier aboriginal Andonites, as well). We are what remains, and so now that we have benefitted from this collective soup of human genomes, both of a divine and a materially progressive order, perhaps now we can start to progress in our spiritual attainment in the coming age. 

The revelators say the next age will be marked by the desire to improve our “quality of thinking.” 

Our intellectual progress AND our spiritual perception must be improved if we are to withstand and control the tidal wave of accumulated momentum that is pushing us forward with breakneck speed.

And that is the challenge, isn’t it?

If mankind is to take that very next important evolutionary step towards world peace and brotherhood, we must improve our thinking, as well as our spiritual understanding of things; not just with the pre-occupation of knowledge alone, but also of meanings, values, purposes, eternal concepts and long-term goals of spiritual-as well as intellectual discovery.

I can’t say it any more plainly than this. But perhaps the late great thinker Steve Allen said it best, echoed by the late-great comedian George Carlin:

“We need to stop being stupid.”

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