The Neanderthal Mystery That Isn’t

For years scientists continue to be baffled about the origin and migration patterns of the Neanderthalers. They continue to be suprised, and then therefore need to constantky recalibrate their data with every new discovery. Indeed, this race of early man provides great intrigue, mainly because of one single quedtion. Why did they failed to survive?

I posit, because of my knowledge of the historical accuracy of the Urantia Book text, much time and energy could be saved if the science community would at least consider what the Urantia revelation can offer in terms of concrete data that might aid in accelerating new discovery.

For example, this most recent discovery has to do with a genome seqeuence of one particular fossil of a male that contains a unique signature not usually found with any previous Neanderthal fossil.

This specimen indicates that this new Neanderthaler came from an even earlier hominid species – much older than previously thought, a species that existed more than 700,000 years ago, which means Neanderhalers existed much longer than the current 150,000 year timeline.

The Urantia Book states emphatically that 750,000 years ago this race (The Neanderthal species) emerged from a tribe of homo sapien (whom they call The Badonans of what is now Northwest India), and further, this robust new species lasted for more than 500,000 years, until the superior colored Sangik tribes (whom Science refers to as the homo sapien sapien) wiped them out).

The Urantia Book also says Neanderthalers earliest fossil records can be found in the Swahilik Vallet in Northwest India, start there. This is where Neanderthalers came from. Not Africa, not Europe, but India.

There most be a treasure-trove of fossils ready to be discovered which would excite any anthropologists or archeologist looking to secure a Nobel Prize.

Most, if not all new discoveries about this mysterious race were documented in 1934, when the Urantia Book was written.

But sadly, even after so many validations of the past six decades, Science continues to ignore this great revelation of pre-human history.

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