Life on Other Worlds

Today it was announced that astronomers have discovered a possibe life-bearing planet a mere 31 light years away. It's exciting to think we may very soon discover other life bearing planets. Nothing would excite the human spirit more than new life discovery, it would confirm our suspicions that we are not alone. It might even … Continue reading Life on Other Worlds

Joshua Harris Defects: A Teachable Moment

Audio Narration I don't know Joshua Harris, but I am sure he helped a lot of people. Christians do that. It is what they are supposed to do. Serve. Harris recently announced that he got it wrong on his Christian faith and he is leaving the church, well, kind of. In Evangelicalism, you don't just … Continue reading Joshua Harris Defects: A Teachable Moment

Are We Entering The Dark Ages?

This excerpt is reprinted from Roger Scruten, a well regarded and highly respected Western Philosopher. There is much that he says that reminds me of the Urantia Book's narrative on the Angels who carry truth from culture to culture. I hope you will read the entire article posted HERE: This final passage is most distressing … Continue reading Are We Entering The Dark Ages?

China vs God

While those of us in the West continue to enjoy our modern-day comforts we need to be concerned about what is happening in China, namely a fever-pitch rise in secularism and a new form of totalitarianism injected with modern tools that make resistance almost impossible. Today, the threat of atheism, which fuels authoritarian rule, is … Continue reading China vs God