Did Humanity Receive a New Revelation?

An Argument for the Assertion on the Revelatory Importance of the Urantia Book.  By its own claim of being a revelation of spiritual and historical truth we are called to evaluate this assertion on the premise that, if true, such a revelation could have an enormous societal impact spanning the next century and beyond. The … Continue reading Did Humanity Receive a New Revelation?

Jesus Would Be Canceled

How would Jesus fit in today?  I have often pondered this in the context of the next bestowal. How would people react today if there were a Son of God among us? Let us say there were reports of a highly educated religious man today whose writings and teachings were making headlines in the Middle … Continue reading Jesus Would Be Canceled

Spread The Word

There is no doubt in my mind that we who have discovered the Urantia revelation can be the new teachers to people who sit in darkness. No one is here to convert or proselytize new believers, let’s leave that to the old wine-skin crowd; we just need to share the good news of the kingdom, … Continue reading Spread The Word

Havona Natives

Pondering how American Culture, with all of her luxuries, produces a society of idealist, but are we truly wise? Read this excerpt on the pitfalls of being born into security and bounty, from Paper 3, section 1 on life as a Havona native: The creatures of Havona are naturally brave, but they are not courageous … Continue reading Havona Natives