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There is no doubt in my mind that we who have discovered the Urantia revelation can be the new teachers to people who sit in darkness.

No one is here to convert or proselytize new believers, let’s leave that to the old wine-skin crowd; we just need to share the good news of the kingdom, and that kingdom is the universe at large. Life is abundant. There truly is a divine plan and we are all part of that plan. That is the good news.

So many people are lonely right now. Especially elderly folk, who are witnessing what seems to be a horrible chapter of what was a glorious century.

Our voices sharing the good news is important. And it is the same basic message that Jesus taught his followers two-thousand years ago. God is with you, in you; you are in him. Life is not lived in vain, there is a purpose.

But there is also a younger group of people who don’t care much about religion. They are lonely too. They have been taught relative secularism, that we are nothing more than meaningless point in time. It is Nietzches path, that all life is ultimately meaningless, only we know this isn’t true. These people grew up watching Star Wars and all kinds of movies that were premised on life in the universe, that we are not alone.

Imagine how many people of this newer generation would be thrilled with the Urantia Book narrative on the Mansion Worlds, life on the Constellation Worlds; that we persist as living souls in the grand adventure?

And to those who seek to have more understanding of who Jesus was and what he did, there is no greater story of his life than in the last seven hundred pages of the Urantia revelation. Give it a shot. It can deepen your relationship with Christ as well as God.

We are the teachers of a new age. We can share the good news in our way and where we are. The world is starving for it.

And it doesn’t have to be about the book, just share a passage, or a section in an email. Let them ask you, ‘where is that from?’

True seekers will be guided to the book, just as was I, just as were you.

There is no hurry, either. This place is an experiment, try something new, something unique. Share the revelatory words in the way that best suits your style knowing you are planting the seeds for a later harvest.

One thought on “Spread The Word

  1. As a long time reader I am very impressed with this content and appreciate the work/love that goes into producing it. I wonder how you could expand the reach and “go viral” as they say. I’d hate to see this seed go by the wayside.


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