Jesus Would Be Canceled

How would Jesus fit in today?  I have often pondered this in the context of the next bestowal. How would people react today if there were a Son of God among us?

Let us say there were reports of a highly educated religious man today whose writings and teachings were making headlines in the Middle East preaching about God’s love, about taking responsibility for ones actions, and serving others, gathering a huge following; how would such a man be received in today’s world?

In our generation we have not experienced a spiritual teacher gaining headlines. But I suspect that one such person might exist, sadly, this is how our culture would respond. Let us say this mans name is Joshua.

They would ask him, “What are your views on LGBTQ? “

Joshua would answer, “Live for spiritual realities, these are the enduring values of our loving father.”

They would ask him, “What are you views on gay marriage?”

Joshua would answer, “What is best for the child?”

They would ask him, “What are your views on people of color?”

Joshua would say, “In my father’s eyes, there are no colors; only that all lives are precious, even the unborn.”

They would scratch the next question about abortion.

They would then ask him, “What are your views on oppression based on a patriarchal power structure?”

Joshua would answer, “Serve your brothers as you would have them serve you; show compassion, even against your accusers.”

And finally they would ask him, “Why can’t we worship whatever we want, who are you to tell us what to do?”

And Joshua would answer, “It is your faith that saves you, and I have seen the Father. If you knew more about him, you would fall in love with him, The Father is love.”

And then the crowd in unison, the news media, the bloggers and social media army, would collectively charge Joshua with hate crimes, and that all who follow him as equally xenophobic, as well as being inherently racist misogynistic males!

Joshua would then be canceled, never to be seen from again. A digital crucifixion.

His name and relevance removed from the internet-of-things.

And that is what we have become.

I, however, have faith this will turn around in the future, but for now, all I can do is watch silently as people, my fellow man in alarmingly larger numbers, make fools of themselves, as children often do.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Would Be Canceled

  1. Mickey Brady

    Crisply accurate and deeply encouraging. The truth is made resolute in this cocktail of false liberty. The Father will not be mocked. Love has the last laugh.

    I admire how your mind works, Brother. Splinters of truth, beauty and goodness…


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