Did Humanity Receive a New Revelation?

An Argument for the Assertion on the Revelatory Importance of the Urantia Book. 

By its own claim of being a revelation of spiritual and historical truth we are called to evaluate this assertion on the premise that, if true, such a revelation could have an enormous societal impact spanning the next century and beyond.

The implications are indeed enormous in scope if such revelatory statements can, after being critically examined, validate the Urantia Book as a credible and dynamic source of revealed information regarding cosmology, our human history, our planetary evolution, our approach to understanding the known universe, even about God, the purpose of creation itself and even what could await each of us beyond the grave.

Already thousands of statements appear valid within the Urantia Book text that simply couldn’t not have been conclusive at the time of their writings in 1934 and 1935, or even in 1941 when the final plated texts were cast and subsequently printed in 1951 by RR Donnelly & Co. in Chicago.

It is a fact that almost every new scientific discovery of the last one-hundred years has unintentionally validated Urantia book revelation in every nearly field of scientific or academic study including history, genealogy, biology, theology, anthropology, archeology, eugenics, astronomy, and physics.

What has been consistently remarkable since its 1955 publication is that science foretold in the Urantia papers were made before such statements could be validated as established fact by the scientific community at a much later date.

For example, tectonic plate activity and continental land drift may have been theories in 1941 when the Urantia Book was printed, but it wasn’t until 1961 when sonar technology and satellite imagery proved plate tectonics was occurring and that continental drift has been in motion since the beginning of early earth. Meanwhile this whole process is confidently explained in the Urantia papers long before science could confirm, with 100% accuracy, confirm it. Lucky guess? Perhaps.

Then there is the migration and cultural habits of the Neanderthal. Through the examination of tools, bones and other artifacts discovered recently throughout Europe and Asia in the last thirty-years, along with further recent genetic studies which reveal early hominid interbreeding between homo sapiens and the Neanderthal, the Urantia Book had already outlined this process – with incredible accuracy – in 1941.

You ask yourself again and again, how did the authors of the Urantia papers get it right?

The explanation of retrograde planetary motion is still being debated among those in the astronomy community, Physicists, including the late Stephen Hawking, conjectured retrograde motion was caused by a passing sun or external black hole with great gravity-pull that might have caused a tidal shift-effect on certain planets in our solar system, causing them to rotate in the opposite direction as Uranus and certain moons of Jupiter and Saturn spin counter-clockwise.

This happens to be the same explanation the Urantia Book asserted in 1941. Lucky guess, again? Maybe.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of newly revealed revelation being offered to anyone who wants to download the book FOR FREE on their smart phone.

Some call it a religious text, but it is also a history book, a history of God himself and of time and a history of space that seems to fit with current modern theory, with some glaring differences, but only because science appears to be a little behind. The Urantia papers were discussing “gravity centers” and “dark islands of space” long before science discovered such things as “dark matter,” and “black holes.”

There are a number of conclusive studies which show an advancement in human genetics and intellectual development occurring about 40,000 years ago, published in the New York Times in 2002. The Urantia authors state emphatically that a new superior race was being introduced, and this was the Adamic race.

Could this be true, that a spiritually advance mortal Son and female counterpart named Eve came here to found a new race? Is this why it is written in the Bible and several other religious histories? It’s a tall claim, but could it fill in missing gaps? Yes, that is what it claims.

And science seems to be confirming it.

Further examples of some of revelatory insight:

The Urantia Book confirms the evolutionary process in which reptiles gave way to birds, who then gave way to mammals, but not until it was actually confirmed by findings was this theory accepted as fact in 1992.

Again, in 1941 the Urantia Book had already laid out the process with excruciating detail.

Good guess? How many times can you be lucky?

Physicist and mathematician Dr. Phillip Calabrese, retired professor at University of California San Diego puts the odds at fifty-million to one that who ever authored the Urantia Book could have correctly predicted the now hundreds of scientific discoveries only recently confirmed by modern science. There might be one or even several minor syntax errors, but it is 99% percent correct on what we can be proven, and that is why we, people, from all fields of study should investigate.

And if enough people come to conclusion that we actually do have a living revelation on our hands, then we absolutely should share this good news with the world.

…and we haven’t even touched upon the spiritual information contained in the so-called two-thousand-page tome.

Let’s not forget the most important aspect of the Urantia Book. If it truly a revelation, which it claims to be, then we have in our possession for the first time in two-thousand years, a literal day by day account of Jesus, which comprises over seven-hundred pages of text.

Such a scope of work deserves scholarly review of the highest order. We need esteemed theologians from every faith to examine these papers and submit an opinion; we need the Church which bears his name to validate, or refute the testimony provided therein; we need honest evaluation by Christians who can accept – or deny – the revelatory account that which whom we have all pledged our lives to, following Jesus Christ, the Son of Man and the Son of God.

And who is to say this wasn’t sanction by Jesus himself.

One could easily cast these claims aside if it were not so strange that The Urantia Book turns out to be right about a great many things.

How would such revealed knowledge change our view of life, and of even ourselves? 

How would knowing we are not alone change our perception, especially if we are being given a book that informs us of the details, down to the number of celestial beings who are typically on call from day to day? 

Could it be true that we are all individuals impregnated by a spiritual light that comes from the same source that made all of those burnings suns possible. Is that so hard to believe? Do the great religions of this world not teach of such a divine presence?

No other text claims to be a revelation. And if such a book exists, it would be hard to replicate the detail provided in the book I have just described.

In my humble but assertive opinion, we owe it to ourselves to validate this book as much as possible so we can start to learn more about what these authors intended us to know.

Such spiritual knowledge could help huminity in ways I can only imagine, starting with the truth that we are all part of a much larger plan, a truth that could stir every living soul.

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    Hi JimYour efforts and insight are much appreciated and very helpful to me!  But, just this weekend I started a podcast of yours about ?life


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