The Wilson Connection

Let us draw illustrations that indicate it is not until man has the first internal dialogue with Self that true intellectual growth begins to occur. It is in fact, this internal conversation between self and ego that determines growth.

Remember the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks? Remember Wilson, the volleyball he speaks to at about midway in the movie?

Think about this for a moment on what occurs after Hanks’s character Chuck begins to have dialogue with this inanimate object. What is happening,? what is transpiring, and what are the results of this interaction between self and external object Wilson represents?

What conclusions can we draw?

Here is a nugget of trivia from a movie review which takes me to my next point.

The writer says, “Chucks fortune begins to turn the moment he “meets” Wilson. Immediately after he begins talking with Wilson, he succeeds in building a fire.” (ImDB, Trivia quote)

It is this personal conversation that really saves Chuck’s life; he starts a fire; he eats cooked food; he is stronger and builds a better residence. Everything changes.

So it’s an illustration of the beginnings of the real connection between self and God, isn’t it?  

91:3.1 Children, when first learning to make use of language, are prone to think out loud, to express their thoughts in words, even if no one is present to hear them. With the dawn of creative imagination they evince a tendency to converse with imaginary companions. In this way a budding ego seeks to hold communion with a fictitious alter ego. By this technique the child early learns to convert his monologue conversations into pseudo dialogues in which this alter ego makes replies to his verbal thinking and wish expression. Very much of an adult’s thinking is mentally carried on in conversational form.

…such techniques of praying tend to evolve into the dialogue type of communication by the emergence of the idea of an alter ego. In time the alter-ego concept is exalted to a superior status of divine dignity, and prayer as an agency of religion has appeared.

111:4.2 Meanings are derived from a combination of recognition and understanding. Meanings are nonexistent in a wholly sensory or material world. Meanings and values are only perceived in the inner or supermaterial spheres of human experience.

111:4.3 The advances of true civilization are all born in this inner world of mankind. It is only the inner life that is truly creative. Civilization can hardly progress when the majority of the youth of any generation devote their interests and energies to the materialistic pursuits of the sensory or outer world.

111:4.8 You cannot completely control the external world—environment. It is the creativity of the inner world that is most subject to your direction because there your personality is so largely liberated from the fetters of the laws of antecedent causation. There is associated with personality a limited sovereignty of will.

111:4.9 Since this inner life of man is truly creative, there rests upon each person the responsibility of choosing as to whether this creativity shall be spontaneous and wholly haphazard or controlled, directed, and constructive. How can a creative imagination produce worthy children when the stage whereon it functions is already preoccupied by prejudice, hate, fears, resentments, revenge, and bigotries?

111:4.10 Ideas may take origin in the stimuli of the outer world, but ideals are born only in the creative realms of the inner world. Today the nations of the world are directed by men who have a superabundance of ideas, but they are poverty-stricken in ideals. That is the explanation of poverty, divorce, war, and racial hatreds.

Today’s society robs people of the experience of getting to know their internal selves. We no longer even identify thie otherness that exists within the citadel of our minds. By the time we are one years of age the external world and all of its lights, buttons, sounds and colors takes away from the growth of the inner world the Urantia Book speaks in the above excerpts. And yet it is this very interaction which stimulates true spiritual insight.

Is it any wonder so many people seem dead to the spiritual joy that surrounds them? They can’t see it, they don’t know it exists.

But it does exist. Your future self is even now in it’s embryonic stage lying within your mind as a fragment of your spiritual creator, your point of origin as well as your current destiny.

It does require a leap of faith, but the conversation starts with you.

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