What If Jesus Had Lived To Be 80?

Ponder this.

Let us say in our universe there are 10 million worlds that have life. That isn’t very much when you consider there are 100 million stars or more in just our local region of space, that would be roughly 1 world per 10 solar systems if it were true.

We are told God is very decimal-oriented. The way we measure, the amount of stuff something contains are measured using the decimal system.

So I’m guessing since God does a lot of the same things the same way, perhaps in his vision of every star acting as an energy systems, which is what they do, perhaps it isn’t unreasonable to conjecture one in ten of these blazing orbs may also host a form of intelligent life within its systems of planets.

So, out of these 10 million worlds, to which ours may be one, we are informed from the Urantia Book revelators there is only one Creator Son.

These Michael Sons represent the highest order of sonship, the “only-begotten son,” as it were, which represents that specific and original aspect of personality,; God’s unique offspring in spirit form, made Word.

It is also told to us that this one only begotten-son bestows himself on the worlds of time and space at his choosing, there to live as a human being from birth to death.

So in this grand drama the bestowal Son does this because it is essential for these Sons to know the experience of every created form of spirit endowed life, including humans of mortal ascent.

It’s like Undercover Boss, that TV show where the CEO goes undercover to learn more about the business. Same EXACT thing.

These Sons of God live on worlds like ours, to learn how things are going.

In a spiritual sense, we had won the lottery; we were allowed to host the Incarnate Michael Son on his bestowal mission, God’s choicest gift to any world.

And why did Christ Michael choose our sphere?

Because our world is what you might call the final exam; it is also one of the darkest, most sordid, confused and desolate places in the whole universe of Jesus’ creation, owing to the Lucifer rebellion in the previous age, which left its stain across a thousand worlds, including our own.

Christ picked our world because it allowed him the most challenging experience he could face.

Truth in fact is that had we been better prepared for this bestowal Son, Jesus could have lived much longer.

People heard his words and he developed a following despite so few understanding the true magnitude of who the man of Nazareth really was.

Despite having just three years to share this new gospel this Son of God became the light of the world in the ages that followed. Had he lived longer he could have done more to bring mankind completely out of the darkness.

His message was pure and simple.

His message was of love and service.

From this perspective we, humanity, took the most precious person to ever live, the actual representative from Paradise, and nailed him to the cross.

Let that sink in.

They tell us we are known as “the world of the cross.”

Fortunately, for the Spirit of Truth, he still does live and he still does transform.

And we now have his complete life in the revelation.

The question is will humanity take the time to prepare themselves for the nest bestowal, or perhaps even the return of the Son of Man?

How will we treat him when he comes?

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