A Better Way

You read a lot these days about Americans becoming less religious. A recent Gallup poll suggests that more and more people are not identifying as being Catholic or Protestant (in other words Christian) or no longer attending church or synagogue. All of this may be true, but are people truly becoming less religious or is it the traditions of religion people are walking away from?

The message of redemption and salvation these days are foreign concepts. They are not deemed scientific. Society ignores the notion of an afterlife and very rarely do I ever hear of any preacher talking about the afterlife as a matter of fact, only as a matter of faith.

To me the afterlife is the same proposition as graduating from high school; an eventuality. There is more to come and we are being prepared for it in this life. I believe if we viewed the afterlife as a real place with real things and a real purpose, then life now becomes truly everlasting – and we begin to hold ourselves accountable for what we do in this life, just as we know what we learn in K-12 will have an impact on our adult life. To me, there is no difference, but this is because I have zero doubt of God’s creation and its purpose thanks to the fact that my religion has satisfactorily answer these questions.

The idea of an afterlife, a continuation of life where we retain our memories and continue to have relationship with current family and friends, as well as new ones in the worlds beyond, provides hope to me and it should provide hope to millions of hungry souls everywhere who need to know this isn’t the end of existence, this place isn’t the end of the line If it were, we would all be in very bad shape.

And yet, the current socially common ideology being pushed is this is the only life that matters and therefore we have no need to concern ourselves with whatever comes after we die. No one knows, they say, except religion knows, this is the purpose and point of religion, to remind us of this continuation, if we embrace it. 

Secularism is the belief that only the here and now is real. The reason this idea is adopted by totalitarian societies is because such an ideology requires no responsibility to a higher power; you are free to do what you wish without regard to God or even enduring principles. If you don’t believe in God, then you have no responsibility to God for anything that you do here.

Some call this freedom, liberating. No guilt, no repentance.

In this world only man determines the rules.

In the greater existence there is a common truth about deity, which is that the first source and center of all things continually adds to the cosmos. The energy we get from the sun is the physical representation of force, but there is also a spiritual force just as powerful. This is what we worship in a million different ways. Many people today choose not to worship because they have no clear idea of what they are worshipping, and therefore religion has fallen in favor with the man on the street. He isn’t sure how it all applies because he isn’t connected to this force.

But beyond this existence is a creation filled with personalities, many like ourselves, who do worship because they do recognize the spiritual creator. We call him God, but he called many things, all meaning the same.

Our world, as it moves away from godliness (spiritual principles), will revert to a less progressive, more belligerent stage; society erodes, crime goes up, despair becomes the climate and all of this reflects on an absence of spiritual force in our lives, what true religion offers.

Once we, as fellows teachers of truth, become better at sharing this message, the more our fellows will be unburdened by the materialism of life.

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