Why Do We Want To Save People?

Is it arrogant to want to save people from eternal doom?

After all, we may be sure of the truths we wish to share with others in hopes of helping them become spiritual, but why would we even care about saving people if they do not wish it?

A friend told me once he really thought the Urantia Book was cool but he told me he could never take the time to absorb it because how could you not know if any of it is true?

It gave me pause to consider my intent. Was I merely trying to confirm my own beliefs by convincing someone else, or was I generally interested in helping this person find God (through the Urantia Book)?

My mistake was that I assumed the gentleman was a genuine truth-seeker, and perhaps he was, but he wasn’t in anguish over finding the truth, just curious to explore as many truths as possible without making a commitment to any of them., a common trai in our society.

Morris Berman’s book Closing of the American Mind informs us our culture is awash in many truths, so one merely picks and chooses them like clothes, simple adornment to reflect our tastes.

In Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz, he illustrates the human condition, that when faced with too many choices humans will make no choice rather than risk making the wrong one. This is why in early childhood development parents are better to give young children a minimal of choices, to reduce the stress of making the wrong choice.

Religion is a choice. It is an acceptance of a set of principles that guide you in everyday affairs. But it is also, at its root, a singular choice; you either believe in God, or you don’t.

You can believe there is a God, but that is not the same as believing in, and trying to have a relationship with God.

Religious living is simply trying to do the will of God, which is to be kind, fair and service-minded; serve your fellow man. Simple.

Whatever else we add to our religion is merely window dressing we use to symbolize our religious expression.

The Urantia Book completely fulfills and satisfies my religious ideals, but none of it would have any value to me unless it was predicated on my desire to know God, and unless you have that desire, unless others truly look for God, they can’t be saved. Nor do they care. Saving must be a choice, a reaching of the tope through faith.

The ultimate human trst, perhaps the greatest test is the test of faith.

And this is something you can remember the next time you engage with someone, or have a desire to share the Urantia Book with a friend. Does this person really desire to know God?

In true religion, this is the starting of true faith.

They have to knock on the door before God opens it.

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