22 Big Reveals in the Urantia Book

Making a running list of the UB’s biggest revelations, not in any particular order. It’s a very long list:

1. Our planet has a massive spiritual society behind the scenes helping as well as documenting our progress. The Most Highs do rule in the kingdoms of men.

2. The process of death- mortal cessation and resurrection – is fully explained.

3. The explanation of races. We now know why there are distinct racial groups.

4. The real purpose of marriage and family life. Truly progressive civilization starts in the home.

5. The goal of civilization is spiritual and intellectual.

6. We are not alone and in fact, there are not just a few, but trillions of worlds with evolving life.

7. There is a mind which predates the physical universe, life as we understand it finds its source in a living spiritual personality.

8. We now have a definitive ascension plan explained; Heaven is no longer a mystery.

9. The difference between spirits, ghosts, angels and other non-material personages are explained. We now know what everyone in the universe does.

10. The relationship between mind, matter and spirit forces are explained in a logical, cohesive manner.

11. How our solar system was formed.

12. Where God lives. We now have a geographical location for God’s eternal abode The Isle of Patadise.

13. How Gods’ spirit indwells humanity; we now know the difference between a person’s spirit and a person’s soul.

14. The entire life of Jesus. Many mysteries are explained in full detail.

15. How man evolved from the very beginnings of life; a step-by-step narration of how we came to be.

16. Where many of our customs come from.

17. Who the ‘ancient aliens’, were in our pre-history and their influence in our history.

18. The complete story of Adam and Eve.

19. The history of many of the world’ religion.

20. Who the devil is and the story of the Lucifer rebellion.

21. The introduction of the concept of Morontia, the intervening stage between the physical life and spiritual existence.

22. What angels, and other spirit personalities actually contribute to universal growth.

I will enlarge upon these separately, but for now, those are just 22 big reveals you will find throughout the 196 papers that comprise the four parts of the Urantia Book revelation.

To be continued.

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