Adam and Eve

I have been feverishly attempting to do an episode on Adam and Eve on my podcast.

Do you think anyone cares about them? Should they care?

After all, Adam and Eve share genetic history with most of us, we get our art appreciation and heightened gifts from them, we learned about family from them AND their superior blood line probably helped us stave off the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not like the story of these two divine material grandchildren of Christ Michael, unique to our local system, have permeated every corner of our continual intellectual progress, even to the point where the very symbol of Apple is the fruit eaten by Eve, from the tree of knowledge, doesn’t deserve to be told.

But what part of the story do you want to hear?

The story of their creation?

Where Michael, our Creator Son of God, brought the first Adam and Eve into being, to serve as a further expression of the spiritual idealization of family?

Or the story of their permanent citizenship on the spheres of Jerusem, our first and future spiritual estate, where they serve as our mentors, our friends, even our elder companions who share many common traits?

Or perhaps we can talk about our own Adam, and his mate Eve, whose legacies were carved into our ancient records of human history, and whose heritage survives as the contribution to our own DNA.

We are, after all, the progeny of this onetime great race who came from the divine kingdom to serve as our teachers of spiritual truth.

Is this a story worth telling?

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