The Next Great Stage

There is a 24-hour Urantia-thon going August 7th. A literal who’s who of long-time and familiar names from the global Urantia community are among those gathering on Zoom.

People will share ideas, projects, essays, works and music, all of it from the shared appreciation of the fifth epochal revelation.

This is perhaps the beginning of a new movement. Though still in its infancy, the growing Urantia community now has a beating heart, there is blood flowing through its veins and the birth of a new spiritual age draws near.

I am old enough to remember when you had to pay $2.50 cents to call the Foundation in Chicago and have them mail you something about the Urantia Book.

Unless you bumped into the book at a local bookstore (which is what I did), unless someone shared the book, you might never have found it in 1983, or before.

Today we have apps, smart phones, instant internet and downloadable books and audio. The ease at which we can access The Urantia Book is seamless thanks to those in our community whose passion for the revelation inspired them to put it “out there,” for others to discover.

Thank you, and especially to the many wonderful members of the Foundation, the UAI, The Fellowship, etc., etc., etc., WOW!

Each step to the greater introduction of the Urantia Book to the world requires vision and a desire to ‘share the good news,’ as Jesus admonishes us to do for the Father.

No doubt our unseen friends have guided us to this point, and of all of the pessimism one finds in the world today is overshadowed by the fact that the Urantia revelation is emerging at a time when the world desperately needs it – more will be coming soon.

I encourage you to go to and join the conference, and hopefully find something that is truly spiritually satisfying.

I can’t wait.

All are welcomed.

You can watch what happens when you see people from every region and culture of the world come together in the name of the Almighty spirit who inhabits each of us.

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