The Truth Lives Despite Our Ignorance

An old roommate once told me it doesn’t matter if we love God, he loves us despite our ignorance. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you feel all spiritual and are determined to be a good steward and do the right thing; other days you just want to be left alone and God is the farthest thing from your mind. This is the human condition, this is why God’s love for us is much greater than temperamental. It’s why my roommate knows God loves him despite his bad mood.

The world would be better off today if it knew it had a living epochal revelation moving through society like a well-kept secret, but it is not prepared to hear such good news.

Even during the times the book was under review from the early readers known as the Commission, they too had no realization what they were looking at was a new revelation.

This wasn’t just a book filled with a lot of high-brow prose, it was and is the work of a composite group of very high-functioning personalities, requested by Gabriel, chief of all spiritual personalities, and commissioned by the Ancients of Days, possibly the highest board of overseers standing between us and Trinity itself! And if you can wrap your head around these concepts then it becomes self-evident you may recognize we have the future of religion in our hands today.

The world is relatively unaware of this transaction. The goal of the ages are now in our hands, the aliens have landed, only these aliens are our spiritual brethren, now ready to have adult conversations with humans long deprived of essential spiritual truths, placed here through the works and efforts of thousands of highly intelligent beings, both mortal and super-mortal; even borderline spiritual agencies were involved in putting this enormous volume of revealed truth together in one tome for us to know.

The ongoing works of thousands of people to get these translated truths into the world languages continues. Soon the entire world will be able to study and share God’s latest revelation.

Study groups and small fellowships are finding increased growth because people hear the truth in the Urantia revelation.

We can be comforted to know that, despite the global mayhem now underway during this time of transition, the truth lives and is moving through society at a steady pace by the hand of the spirit of the Most Highs.

The revelation is here.

With is revelation, included is an authentic and historical retelling of the life of Jesus, being presented for a second time so this life of the Master Son can be lifted up for all to see. Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Man and Son of God, can now be experienced personally by every reader. His life and his words are even available through audiobooks and podcasts.

The world can again hear the truth about this creator Son for the first time in two-thousand years.

And so even though the world at large woke up this morning in a very bad mood, God loves us anyway. How we feel about him at this time in our history is irrelevant, his truth lives on, in the pages of the Urantia Book.

And it is just a matter of time until these words are embraced by the multitudes, possibly when man has had enough of his own self-centered ways, perhaps then he may look for answers, and when he does the Urantia Book – and the truths contained – will be paying out huge dividends for ages to come.

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