What is the difference between the Jesus in the Bible and the Jesus in the Urantia Book?

October 25, 2021

(Dedicated to my late mother on her birthday.

She read the Life of Jesus and shared her love for it with me. It gave us an unbreakable bond for her remaning years of life).

The Jesus of the Urantia Book and the Jesus of the Holy Bible are the same person.

Both acknowledge and embrace Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of Man, the only begotten Son and the expression of the Father of all creation; he is the Word; “he who seen me has seen the Father.”

The divinity of Jesus is embraced by the Urantia Book authors because his nature and personality as the Son of God, who bestowed himself upon our world, is self-evident.

Both acknowledge Jesus of Naxareth is the bestowal Son of the living creator, God.

Where do we differ?

Jesus is portrayed in Christianity as the second person of Trinity.

The Urantia Book asserts Jesus represents the Eternal Son and the Father as one. Christ Jesus comes from the divinity of the first and second persons of Deity. He is the only begotten Son.

But there are also other Sons who serve the First and Second Person of Trinity, because creation is so expansive and can encompass such a large order of divine beings.

Jesus, prior to his bestowal has a creation which will eventually encompass ten million worlds, our local area of space.

This is the new reveal: Jesus Christ is of the order of the Michael Sons. There is no higher personality we can approach between Christ and the Eternal Son – and of the Creator Father of the living universe.

The Urantia Book also differs with the Bible in explaining the purpose of the life of Jesus, but not by much.

In Christianity Jesus is the redeemer, the one who absolves man’s fall from grace.

In the Urantia Book narrative, there was no ransom that must be paid by the death of Jesus.

“For so God loved the world that he would send his only begotten Son” speaks of no ransom that must be paid, but rather, Jesus’ death on the cross displays his faith in the Fathers will AND that he himself is willing to lay down his life for his brother and to show his faith.

The Urantia Book’s narrative of the Life and Teachings of Jesus were sponsored by a group of midway spiritual beings who recorded the life of Jesus exactly because he was a Divine Son. This is why we have the record.

The Urantia Book was not written by men. It was written by angelic, seraphic and super seraphic personalities who are revealing this information now so we can have a more in-depth and more comprehensive understanding of Jesus’ life.

Jesus’ life is narrated in the fourth part of the Urantia Book. Anyone can read it and make up their own mind on its authenticity.

If who he was is of interest, you now have an account – not based on fragments written over 1900 years ago- by but persons who have supermaterial access to the facts of his life; you now have seven-hundred pages of his life to discover for yourself.

The Bible is viewed through the human beings in Jesus’ time, and so also is the Urantia Book authored by those who were there, but from an angelic and super human perspective.

The New Testament is invaluable for what it is, a portrayel of the living Son of God from the eyes and hearts of those men and women who knew him in the flesh.

The Urantia Book presents a stereoscopic view of appreciation of Jesus’ life mission.

We are getting a first-hand look at the Bestowal Son on a mission to reveal living truth not only to our small world, but to all worlds of time and space who have as inhabitants ascendant material beings just like ourselves.

And that is the primary difference bewteen the Bible and the Urantia Book as it pertains to the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

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