Why Christians Should Embrace The Urantia Book As An Authoritative Revelation

JR Watkins | October 28, 2021

There is an odd irony to the fact that just as Jews rejected the divinity of Jesus, there are Christians today who absolutely refuse to accept any new revelation when such a revelation presents itself as such, up to and including the Book of Mormon, the Dead Sea Scrolls, or writings from Mary Baker Eddy which comprise the basis of Christian Science. Now add to the list the most recent violator, The Urantia Book.

Christ was a revelation. Melchizedek was a revelation. The Urantia Book is a revelation.

The New Testament is a book inspired by the revelation of Jesus. Judaism was founded on the revelation given to Abraham by Melchizedek.

The Urantia Book is the composite contribution of many spirit personalities who are assigned to reveal knowledge unique to their order, but then go on to present such a profound narrative, one can not help to suspect this is a real substantive effort to help us along, and it seems to be from others not human.

Humans could not know what is presented in the Urantia Book.

A natural suspicion occurs among traditional religionists when new truth suddenly appears outside of the orthodoxy, giving the appearance of seeking to replace or uphend religious doctrine rooted in antiquity. But recall there is both the evolution of religious truth, that which man learns over time, and revelatory religion, new truth provided by the very spiritual kingdom we seek to understand.

Just as the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah, so too are modern Christians prepared to reject the revelation of the Urantia Papers. 

In both cases men and women who profess to believe in the truth of God fail to discern God when He speaks to us through his spiritual agents of light, those glroius Sons who are charged with bringing revelation to mankind from age to age, helping each of us develop a deeper personal relationship with God, our Father in Heaven.

The Urantia Book isn’t here to replace the Bible; it is here to expand upon its many truths by providing more in-depth information previous generations perhaps had little capacity to understand.

The singular purpose of the Urantia Book seems to be to bring higher conceptual truth-concepts to the attention of thinking men and women who really desire to know God and can appreciate a much wider scope of reality through a spiritual lens. There is order in the universe, not randomness.

Those who may be threatened by the concept of a “new revelation” should instead be thrilled with its discovery, evidence of a continuance of the fact that God still speaks to us, both in our hearts and through his spiritual agents who have been entrusted to our watchcare.

What Christian would not want to read about Jesus’ entire life as he lived it?

What Christian would not want to learn what angels are like and what purpose they serve in our lives?

What Christian wouldn’t want to read about a specific and intellectually satisfying approach regarding God’s enormous and infinite plan of creation expansion?

What Christian wouldn’t like to read about the actual days after Pentecost when Jesus “tarried a little longer” with his Apostles, or for that matter, learn about the Apostles who gave their lives to follow this strange and wonderful teacher two-thousand years ago?

From a historical perspective, what could be more thrilling than reading the entire living experience of the Son of Man and the Prince of Peace? To learn firsthand what it was like for this God-Man to live life as one of us?!

In sharing my own experience, if you would indulge me, Christianity has always appealed to me as a religion of love. Even before I found the Urantia Book – which I was not looking for – I was settled in my relationship with Christ as well as well as with God.

What the Urantia Book provided was an in-depth answer to everything else Christianity didn’t explain, like who Adam and Eve were, what their role was in our cultural and spiritual development, how early pre-human history fits in, who those ancient aliens were and why there was so much mystery surrounding so many things religion just couldn’t answer in an intellectually satisfying manner.

Over the years of one’s life you meet people from all faiths. If there had been something more fulfilling in another religion, something that brought me closer to God, I would have been open to it. But Christianity did fulfill my spiritual needs, so the Urantia Book was an unexpected and unsought-for treasure trove, and the more I read it the more I realized how much I didn’t know, or didn’t think about when it comes to the totality of creation, realizing for the first time that we are part of a much larger and much more organized creation than previously believed.

I gave up nothing of my Christian faith to study the revelation, there were no compromises, there was only an expansion of understanding. Christianity provided a soil by which the revelation of the Urantia Book added to growth of my Christian faith.

When Christians consider the authenticity of the Urantia papers, they need only look to the transforming effect that occurs when you take the time to study part four of the book, the life and teachings of Jesus. Any Christian worth his salt will immediately recognize the truths as they jump out to you page after page.

The authority comes as it is described in the Urantia book itself, the papers were sponsored by Gabriel after they were commissioned by the Ancients of Days.

Gabriel represents Christ, the Ancients of Days represent Trinity itself and are recorded in the Old Testament (in Daniel) as being a powerful spiritual agency.

In other words, if true, this book you now have in your hands was made possible because a high spiritual order felt it time for man to know these things. Nothing happens in our universe without the approval of Jesus Christ, so this book must have received his approval.

Christians are important to the growth of this revelation; they are in kinship with the greater purposes of teaching the truths of Jesus which sustain us today, that we are all children of a loving spiritual father and creator. This truth remains the same in the Urantia Book as in the Bible.

As man moves away from his more traditional religious thinking and customs, the Urantia revelation provides new information to sustain the basic truths we have just discussed, adding new truths more in concert with new discoveries we are making in science today.

We are discovering new worlds, the Urantia Book declares there are trillions of life-bearing planets, but they are lovingly ministered to by spiritual forces. That concept is nowhere to be found in the Old or New Testament. Science may expatiate on the fact of extraterrestrial life forms, but only in the Urantia book are we given a full explanation of why life exists in the universe in the first place.

Jesus says in the Bible “I have sheep of another flock,” and that “in my father’s house there are many mansions,” the Urantia Book explains what those “mansions” are.

The Bible talks about life after death as being real, the Urantia Book explains the process.

The Bible talks about Adam and Eve being the first, the Urantia Book explains who they were and why they were.

The Bible speaks of “those giants in those days, men of renown;” the Urantia Book goes to great lengths to explain who these ‘men of renown’ were and why they were here to take “the daughters of men to be their wives and bear them children.”

The Bible teaches us the Ten Commandments come from God; the Urantia Book gives a replete story of how these commandments were introduced throughout history even to the modern times.

The Bible teaches us about Lucifer, and evil and sin; the Urantia Book provides the entire narrative of the rebellion, who was involved and why, plus the additional historical context and its impact on our world even today.

The Bible tells us to “worship the Lord”; the Urantia Book expatiates on this worship in action in the personal human experience as being both valid and necessary to spiritual growth. 

The Bible tells us we will have eternal life; the Urantia Book shows us what that really means and where we go.

Some say the Urantia Book is preparing us for the next spiritual age. I believe this is absolutely true. We also must face the reality of the times, and the world is lost in a sea of decadence. This is the worst of the material age. and it may get worse still.

I do not believe Christianity in and of itself can withstand the evil that presents itself in our times. Having Christ in our hearts is a mighty and effective defense, but while Christianity has shown its elasticity over the past two millenniums, it greatest challenge today is atheism; Modern man will simply not go backwards in his theology. Only those ideas and concepts that satisfy his intellectual, as well as spiritual longings will be embraced.

A new revelation that harmonizes science, philosophy and faith is what is needed today to fight against atheism – abject materialism, and no other literary volume of work can achieve this goal better than the Urantia Book. It moves truth forward and it reintroduces the living Christ – his actual life and teachings – back into the mainstream.

Someday our ancestors will look back upon these times to the birth of this most recent revelation that you and I are so fortunate to be a part of, the beginning of the spread of this, the most recent revelation of spiritual truth to mankind

The Urantia Book provides a thrilling opportunity to learn firsthand what men and women have been searching for since the beginning of time, that we are not alone – and we never were, and you have this revelation in the palm of your hand.

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