What Is Behind Evil?

People often say that satanic influences are affecting the world today. Or they say something akin to the devil is causing so much evil. But what does this really mean? Is there really a spiritual dark force instigating sinful human nature? Does Lucifer reign in the shadows, constantly injecting his twisted influence to those who… Continue reading What Is Behind Evil?

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What Is A Christian?

What is a Christian? Are you a Christian?  According to EvChurch.com, it means having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.According to Sun Valley Church, with whom I have no relations, they say it this way: "The Bible does not define the word "Christian." The term was developed by observers to describe followers of Jesus… Continue reading What Is A Christian?

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Race and The Urantia Book

It gave me great sadness to observe an important member of the Urantia community recently suggesting the Urantia Book appears to be racist, and requires clarifaction. It is this defensive posture of allged racism which has lingered in recent years as the modern day version of collective racial sin, Such self-imposed guilt has no place… Continue reading Race and The Urantia Book


What The Future Holds

I will let you in on a little secret. I happen to read this obscure meta-philosophy book and in it they describe the world of the future. I love the book and have been reading it most of my life. It brings me great joy during times of sorrow. Let me tell you how they… Continue reading What The Future Holds