What The Future Holds

I will let you in on a little secret. I happen to read this obscure meta-philosophy book and in it they describe the world of the future. I love the book and have been reading it most of my life. It brings me great joy during times of sorrow.

Let me tell you how they describe the future of mankind.

They say that when man has evolved a little further along, and provided he hasn’t destroyed himself by his addictions and thirst for power, eventually the world will be one race, one religion and the people of this future age will all share one overpowering desire to serve others. It will take time to get there, but God is patient, and that is the plan. That has always been the plan, for man to become more spiritual and less animalistic. 

One day, after we learn all of our lessons, we will have a society where people can handle liberty without abusing it, and can live in a free society without doing harm to one another. Sure, in this future age there will still be crime and disease and other challenges, but the majority of the world will eventually learn that peace is better than war, and there is an overarching spiritual purpose to what we do and who we are.

Now you can see why I like reading this book. Ideas like this give me hope when I look around and see today so much pain and suffering, much of it self-inflicted, and with seemingly no clear answers to solve our mountains of problems. 

When I see homeless people I see people who couldn’t figure out how to make society work for them. Freedom doesn’t work for everyone, too much of it and they can’t handle the pressure. Today’s world is very complicated. One slip up, one missed payment, one parking ticket, one being-in-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time away from being on the street. Picking up the pieces is not so easy at the pace of which things move today.

And it’s much worse for the average person living in a communist country or a country where you have limited rights (which basically means stay unnoticed and out of trouble) and limited opportunity. Hundreds of millions of people go to mind-numbing repetitive textile jobs every day makings pants for people of wealth in the West. Next time you go into a JC Penny or Walmart, think of the millions of hands that made the very products you wear or consume, by the hands of people who don’t read what’s on the label because they don’t speak english. Life is not so swell for too many, but it is also a far cry from how things were two-hundred years ago. Back then you were lucky to get to 35 years of age. 

And that is my point. It is bad, but it is slowly getting better as w hole. Man has made great progress. What is now needed is wise leadership. People must demand it.

Things will continue to improve as long as human beings strive for better things and are stimulated by goodness and a desire to make things better, not simply take what you can get or gain political points for the next election. It has to be more than that or our current Republic will not be sustained. Selfish leadership is ultimately self-destructive. We are seeing that today.

Governments will continue to grow in power until people are no longer served by the government. Tech won’t change this. Laws won’t prevent it, and any leader today who thinks he/she will be in power five or ten years from now is delusional. All empires fall, they come and go like the seasons. When the ashes settle people stand up and begin anew and remember lessons learned from the last war.

America has a real opportunity to remain the spiritual and intellectual light of the world if the people who live here make that collective choice to act accordingly. The idea of liberty and self determination burns bright because people are inherently desirous of freedom. It is in our DNA. 

Sadly, far too many people today wish to be safe instead of free, and there is no safety when you are being controlled by government. History tells us again and again governments rise and fall, but people persist anew, so instead of looking to Washington, or Belgium or London for answers, look to your community, your neighbors, your local civil servants and keep your own house in order. If we start their much change will take place quickly. 

2 thoughts on “What The Future Holds

  1. Hi Jim,

    I welcome your emails and podcast you keep me in there with the Urantia book revelation GBU l appreciate what you are doing it helps me a lot stay safe and well.

    Kind Regards Arthur Roumanos


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