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Race and The Urantia Book

It gave me great sadness to observe an important member of the Urantia community recently suggesting the Urantia Book appears to be racist, and requires clarifaction. It is this defensive posture of allged racism which has lingered in recent years as the modern day version of collective racial sin,

Such self-imposed guilt has no place being taught alongside the revelatory teachings of the Urantia Book. I thought this would be an opportune time discuss race in general, and how I believe it is portrayed in the Urantia Book.

It is egregious to merge Urantia teachings with slanted views of racial inequity ideology which has been used by institutions and agenda-driven political leaders, who use such retributive guilt as a wedge to divide people by class: the oppressed and the oppressor.

The Urantia Book says societies, as they mature, are always embrassed by previous behavior and customs of former times, but no racial shame can reasonably be attached, and further, there are always those who will take advantage of others and take unfair advantage of compassionate generosity.

The lecturer in this face decided to present a skewed view of civilization and turn it into a class struggle study one might find in a college class.

The assertion that people of color have had it far worse than white people ignores climatic and environmental factors that drove evolution among the Blue, Yellow, Red and Indigo races between 500,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Many who study the Urantia Book and insist on putting new wine (revelation) into old wineskins (contemporary culture) do not understand that evolution in the short term may not seem fair, but over the long arc of time, alleged racial disparities prove their worth. Jews were enslaved for over 800 years, does this mean they suffered more than say, the Egyptian? or the Indigo?

Do we now curse the Babylonians for enslaving them?

Do the Dutch and the British now need to reconcile because they built better fortresses and made better weapons than their African counterparts?

Did the fact that whites had slaves mean white people are inherently oppressive?

A closer inspection of the Urantia Book reveals not all races progressed at the same rate or at the same time for a host of reasons, the least of them having to do with racism.

We would agree, based on The Urantia Book, all races come from the same human family, and it was migration that affected later development, though we can admit the belligerency between the six original colored races did provide the impetus for the subsequent migration, as outlined in Part three of the Urantia papers.

Perhaps the professor is right to attempt to clarify supposed racist statements which seemingly appear in the Urantia Book.

Or perhaps the authors of the revelation decided not to worry about being politically correct when presenting evolutionary and historical truth, such as the fact that the Indigo, up until recently, made very little contribution to the overall development of civilization among the human race, due primarily due to climate and cultural challenges impacted by such a large landmass.

The Urantia Book never asserts the Indigo was less capable than other races, only that environmental factors handicapped their evolutionary progress. This fact may make some people uncomfortable, but it doesn’t change history.

The Urantia Book asserts slavery had the positive effect (in earlier developing civilizations) because it forced man to be organized. This is not a racist comment. Today, such an observation might offend someone because the world is full of overly sensitive people who view terrestrial life through the lense of class-struggle, along with an immature need to be affirmed.

We should also not forget that the rigors of the northern climate during the ages 10,000 years and beyond, which had more to do with the development of modern man because it sifted the weak from the strong, both in intellect and in physical robustness,

Caucasians of the north, infused with Nodite blood and later appearing genetic contribution Of the Violet race, made this these people better prepared for survival and development.

Again, this is not a besmirchment of the African people, it’s just a rudimentary fact of life of history as presented to us by the Life Carrier Sons.

We are all equal in the eyes of God. The Urantia Book declares this truth, so the need for some to be apologists for the Urantia Book should end.

This is the kind of thinking that made Jews feel like they deserved punishment for the sin of being a Jew, and this negative approach blinded them when Jesus came and presented the truth that all people are chldren of God, and are loved equally, despite our setbacks over time.

Race is not a construct. It is real and it is valuable. To suggest otherwise is to deny science. Culture may be a construct, but even culture is influenced by racial tendencies, which reflect the diversity of the Divine.

2 thoughts on “Race and The Urantia Book

  1. Hi JimIncredible how the misconceived view of racism overcomes apparently weak minded or self serving folks.  I’m about halfway through Sioux Oliva’s biography on Dr Sandler and it seems she is fixated and perhaps even retributive regarding her view of his activity in eugenics.  The root of much of folks apparent critiques almost always seems to be self serving or using a modern day lens on issues generations ago.  It is hard to believe this occurs  so often without satans evil manipulation or his affect on our cultural rootsThanks Jim for your role in the Awakening  of Mankind and by extension our Universe.  What a great time to be one of but a few who understand the purpose and knowledge of the Urantia Book Revelation!  Of the trillions of personalities before us we have what they never had a chance to experience!

    Dave W

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