What Is Behind Evil?

People often say that satanic influences are affecting the world today. Or they say something akin to the devil is causing so much evil. But what does this really mean?

Is there really a spiritual dark force instigating sinful human nature?

Does Lucifer reign in the shadows, constantly injecting his twisted influence to those who are weak-minded, or perhaps drawn to evil?

Is there something attractive to human beings, something innately satisfying in doing harm or having power over another?

Most of us are horrified by man’s inhumanity to man. It is because evil is the exception and not the rule that it offends our sense of moral indignation. Man, after all, has free will, and in order to have free will, evil must exist as a choice. We can recognize immorality because of our ability to conceive of morality – good.

All of these ideas portend to the notion that evil comes from somewhere, an entity that, were it not for its presence, man would be naturally generous as well as kind.

Modern secularists believe evil is relative and people who behave badly are themselves victims, which is why certain organizations promote decriminalization and have allowed the criminal to roam free, hoping they will see the error of their ways and become naturally good citizens. The smarter ones among us understand human nature is not naturally good, or evil, rather, he is by measure of intellectual maturity, decidedly good or evil, selfless or selfish.

Being good is a moral choice.

Lucifer’s ‘Liberty Proclamation,’ simply put, means any personality is free to make their own choice about how they choose to live without regard for social or cosmic obligations, that since there is no ultimate Deity or plan, liberty without restraint or regard for others, becomes the living philosophy.

It was this liberty doctrine that confused the worlds. Angels of all orders fell for it, sixty-percent percent of Caligastia’s staff fell for it, and many other orders of Sons of the secondary order fell to Lucifers idea, and in our section of cosmic reality, there really was a “war in heaven.”

On our world this war persists and is best illustrated today by the exercise of so many liberties to their extreme, and as a result the very equilibrium which holds society in place is disintegrating.

Families are the basis of civilization. Family is where basic moral conduct is taught, where respect for others and loyalty to others is learned; respect is learned in the home and passed down from generation to generation. Over the past three generations we have seen an utter breakdown of the family in the West. As a result, there has been a rise unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, criminality among youth, lack of respect towards tradition, a total disregard for classic disciplines like philosophy and history, a repudiation of faith or religion, and in its place, the emergence of antagonism of the social order.

It is the exception and not the rule that children ever benefit from the counsel of their parents or grandparents in contemporary Western culture. In mostly inner cities and depressed areas where poverty and lack of proper education persist, a generation of children have grown up with little hope for the future.

From here morals are broken by outside influences involving drugs and alcohol, or the lack of opportunity. Sooner or later paternalistic governments step in and exacerbate the problem by creating social dependency.

It is both a question of excess materialism and the lack of a cohesive living philosophy that drags upon the evolution of a better quality of living for the greatest number of people, the only true measurement of our progress.

The Lucifer effect is the belief there is no overarching plan for the human race, that we are orphaned and therefore are entitled to carve out our own course, each of us, towards that which gives us greatest pleasure now. And it is this overriding philosophy that rules the day.

Until this attitude changes towards a more altruistic philosophy of service and a pursuit of eternal realities, the ensuing dark age may linger.

One thought on “What Is Behind Evil?

  1. This puts in mind to me a particular man in power who appears to be followed Lucifer’s Liberty proclamation and why so many people have fallen under a spell of sorts!
    Thank you


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