Legacy and Preparedness

Jim Watkins | July 25, 2022

Legacy and preparation. Those are the two things on my mind as I look at 60 square in the face.

How many years do I have left?

A decade. Tomorrow?

Who knows?

What matters now is my legacy, those things people will learn about me when I am gone, including whatever impact I made in other people’s lives.

And then there is preparedness. Being ready. 

No one is ready to die, but we hope we know what to expect, and for me, it will be like a roller-coaster that is over before you know it.

And I am placing all of my bets heaven will be how it is depicted the Urantia Book, a book I have carried around with me since I was 19 years old.

I look forward to meeting my Mansion World Teacher when I arrive on Mansonia, and wake up on resurrection morning; I look forward to spending my first few days looking up the registry for old friends and family who had gone on before me.

I look forward to seeing the wonderfully expansive Sea of Glass – where you can watch and listen to the universal broadcasts, as well as observe the new arrivals as they descend from other worlds from time and space just like me; and of getting to view Mount Seraph, site of the Fathers holy temple.

And then there is the food, botanical splendor, the new relationships forged with others like me, new ascenders I look forward to seeing; of attending schools where we learn our new language, where we learn to master our ideas and hone our spiritual insight, of meeting the Melchizedek teachers and even the Material Sons and Daughters.

And even seeing Christ.

I hope I am prepared for this wonderful adventure, that may one day make earth seem almost like a dream.

The book says we get new bodies, not too different from the kind of bodies we have today, but maybe not as breakable, but fully functinol so we can walk, run, and sit.

I know a lot of my family and friends don’t even like to think about what happens after death.

Most people I know don’t want to deal with it. They believe they have little effect on the matter.

The Urantia Book filled in the missing pieces.

It is clear to me now that because of our rocky past, post-mortal salvation knowledge only survived in fragments, and those fragments have survived in the form of the many religions we have today, plus the extra human baggage we have baked into it.

Salvation is the word.

It’s the ability to exit this stage of life and reappear in the next.

And while it is your guardian Seraphim of destiny, together with your Morontia Companion, who take care of the actual process of resurrection, we still have the decision-power to make it a good transition, we can still prepare by being good in this life, and this is what being born again means. It means you have a better ‘you’ that awaits, a you that consists of your memories and your unique personality, coupled with the spirit fragment of God that lies in the citadel of your mind in this life and carries you over in to the next.

It is that same spirit fragment you pray to when you attempt communion with your spiritual creator father, God.

I know this is hard for many people to believe. And if I had not had the benefit of studying the Urantia Book all of these years and learning the specifics of what actually happens when we die,

I would understandably be as ignorant as many of my brethren are today, and I would most assuredly be just as suspicious of my teachings as you are now.

But again, if we had not been deprived of the various revelations in our distant past, we would all, today, have a very different outlook on life, one that acknowledges a spiritual universe of living beings, personalities and energy forms who work tirelessly to keep the universe moving along.

You think of life as being in auto-pilot, that the ‘big bang’ just happened and everything is moving along like bowling balls in space.

But what fairy tales would suggest such a course for a highly organized and expansive universe?

Only childish thinking would allow for the view that our universe is nothing more than a hapless, directionless, wandering endless collection of energy morphing its way along, towards nothingness.

Now who is being ridiculous?

I want my legacy to be a beacon to other people who are looking for the truth and for meaning in their lives beyond the materialism that exists today.

This is not just a meaningless universe, such as the materialist might believe. Having the rod-iron firmness of faith in a greater cause which aligns itself with God has made every difference in my life. I would have been lost without God, and I suspect, in fact I am told, that part of my job as a faith-Son is to share the good news.

My hope is long after I am gone these podcasts and articles will persist, and over time, will find the right ears and eyes of those who are sincerely looking for spiritual refuge. I have good news to share.

The Urantia Book didn’t convince me God was real, but it did expand upon His divine nature. And further, He has sent his glorious team to our rescue in the form of a splendid epochal revelation of the current era.

Of all of the things i have done and seen in my life, and with the exception of the love I have for my wife and my children, nothing has given me as much joy as exploring the revelation of the Urantia Book. 

One thought on “Legacy and Preparedness

  1. Thank you for your article! I am like mind with all of your thoughts. I am 72 and was given the Urantia book when I was 21! It is my companion always and I am very excited to start my morantian career!!
    Much love and best wishes for you!!!
    Robyn Antonucci of Ventura California


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