Star Wars and The Urantia Book

by Jim Watkins If you renamed the Urantia Book The Book of Jedi it would probably become instantly popular. The story is basically the same. An entire generation of kids - now adults - grew up embracing and enjoying the concepts of Star Wars, which was the creation of George Lucas, who basically retells the story of… Continue reading Star Wars and The Urantia Book


The Melchizedek Method

A Chance To Reform Religion With Spiritual Counselors We hear all of the time religion is falling away. I have also commented frequently on my podcast that Scientism asserts only those things that are quantified are real, thus Materialism dominates science in academia and in culture. Why waste time on the unprovable, many say. The… Continue reading The Melchizedek Method

Faith · Race

The Urantia “Religion”

I love driving.  Some of my best thinking is performed when I drive long stretches of highway. If it is a pretty drive, which in Florida is most of the time when you are passing over rivers, next to lakes or across sprawling bridges, the environment stimulates interesting thoughts. Having been a student of the… Continue reading The Urantia “Religion”