The Melchizedek Method

A Chance To Reform Religion With Spiritual Counselors

We hear all of the time religion is falling away. I have also commented frequently on my podcast that Scientism asserts only those things that are quantified are real, thus Materialism dominates science in academia and in culture. Why waste time on the unprovable, many say.

The experts say “This is the age of reason, there is no such thing as deity or spirit.”

Our culture allows for no such reference for God; Jesus is deemed politically incorrect, mainstream religions is made to appear intolerant to the ebb and flow of progressivism, deemed reasonable in the age of Reason.

Even the Urantia Book warns that overmuch secularism will only lead to despair.


Because human beings are hardwired to believe in God, this we know because each of us possesses the spirit fragment; we are endowed by our creator. This is most recently demonstrable by the fact that an estimated 100 million people in China became religious from 1990 to 2000, despite 80 years of atheistic totalitarianism; the CCP could not beat God out of the human psyche.

But secularism on western society is much more conniving these days because the materialist simply ignores God by making such a concept irelevant, depicted even as hateful.

If the concept of God is invisible, or missing from our lexicon, how will people find him if they are told not to look, told there is nothing to find?

This is the message from modern securalism. God isn’t dead, it never existed.

And thus, we live in an age of increasing spiritual darkness and wonder why there is moral depravity. There is clear spiritual illiteracy reverberated in the display of the many social diseases that confront us.

At least a century ago there were references to classic theology because most people either went to church or had in their possession a bible from which to learn. A century before, most people in the West learned to read by being taught to read the bible. What happens in the future when religion is removed altogether from the lexicon of human language?

From a Urantia perspective, how can mankind be prepared for the next revelation, or perhaps even a bestowal mission as the workd slides into become spiritual illiteracy?

This is our challenge as faith children of the Most Highs, those among us who know the truth of salvation.

Remembering that Machiventa Melchizedek faced the same dilemma, how to keep the light of life burning so future generations would received Christ when he came.

Machiventa did so by preparing teachers who could keep alive those spiritual truths which prepared later generations to look for the Son of Man and the Son of God.

This we must now do.

We must try to be spiritual mentors in our circle of influence. It only requires us to share the truths of the revelation when possible.

We must publish our writings, share Urantia ideas and concepts, and in doing so, prepare the soil and begin to build a reputation of being a source spiritual wisdom to our fellows even as a source of revelation.

The Urantia Book is a revelation. It is not intended to form a new religion but to appeal to man’s spiritual hunger for truth discovery. This truth we have been given; this truth will someday be sought after. We have been given this task to carry light forward.

The future of our civilization may rest upon this revelation providing a road map for that day when people will be yearning for spiritual truth. It is not enough to quote passages, but to share truths of a spiritual kind.

To this end, I would also encourage seasoned readers to teach at UBIS, and if possible, take a course if you have not done so. I see an age where a Urantia-type learning institution can be of great value to that coming age where people will search for spiritual truth again, they will be looking for “new wine in new wineskins.” They will seek for a religion that is intellectually consistent, scientifically grounded, and spiritually satisfying.

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