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Preparation For The Second Coming

Jim Watkins | Urantia | September 14, 2022

Jesus told his followers he would return, and they assumed it would be within their lifetime. Every generation since looks for his return.

Jesus gave clues. One was specific, “when all eyes can behold the Son of Man in the spirit, I will return.”

In 1955 a book was published that contains his entire life, entitled as The Life and Teachings of Jesus, and the source material is two-fold, from the memory of a thousand people, and from the angelic witnesses from those times, we have before us over seven hundred pages of the complete narrative of the one who declared he was the representative of the holy God, and who said he would return again when all could see him in the spirit.

Today there are over 300,000 people who have read this revelation, which we are told is by the very sources who wrote The Urantia Book. Each person who becomes a student of the Urantia Book will typically give testimony similar in tone which echoes “a new sense familiarity” with this man from history, and also, that the Jesus in this story comes alive, “I feel as if I know him,” many say, or from one reader from Argentina, “it’s not the same person in all of those pictures I grew up with in a Catholic home, he is much more. when you read his story.”

Surely this is not suggest that Jesus said he would come back in the form of a book, but the the narrative presented in this way is favorable to keeping alive the memory of Christ, who has lately faded much from Western Culture; a repackaging of one epochal revelation with another does not seem at all inconsistent with the way God reveals himself; each prophet seems to carry the torch of faith forward to a more enlightened age. BUt today there are no prophets, but a book which pulls back the curtain and gives account to our origins and our purpose.

But today, religion has lost favor in many once very religious regions of the world. Religion is all but illegal in China as in most communist countries, excepting those in Latin America with rich Catholic/latin roots). And in the West, Jesus is almost completely absent from mainstream music, movies and literature; at the current rate, Jesus will be nothing more than a fable by the time 2100 arrives, nothing more than some male of the distant past who is seen as either good or bad depending on what things look like and who is spinning the narrative seventy-years from now.

Jesus can’t , or won’t come back until we can see him spiritually. Unless something can bring his likeness back to the forefront where we can get to know this Son-of Man-Son of God a little better, nothing speaks revelation like mysterious writings wrapped in origin intrigue. After all, the truth is no one knows who wrote the Urantia Book, including part four of his life and teachings of this one-time Nazarene, who changed the world with a bold new philosophy that set people free and gave them dignity, who was deemed so dangerous by the religious and political authorities at the time, that the powerful man put to death, which didn’t stop Jesus from completing his mission, when when it was declared “he has risen.” 

Mission complete.

What a terrific story.

We have before us a credible enough document that, time and time again, has preempt hundreds of scientific discoveries, often by decades. In this way the book validates itself.

In the future, a more scholarly inspection of the Urantia papers will pay out dividends in valuable contextual knowledge regarding our terrestrial and cultural history, and  on whole host of other academic levels, including biological, cultural, technological, even philosophy and metaphysics.

Today, many astronomical discoveries were clearly foreshadowed by the Urantia Book. For example, the Urantia Book foretold of a kind of universe that expands and contracts, one that is cyclical and not merely expanding.

The Urantia Book has never endorsed the big expanding universe theory, but it also has not denied it.  What the authors did provide was a much larger theatre in which cosmology exists, one in which the James Webb telescope is proving to be true.Once academia has gotten over the “ickiness” of the Urantia Books “religious odor,” it will discover a vast reservoir of knowledge that can only be seen as a gift. The same holds true for theoligians. There is a plethora of history to uncover about man’s search for deity across many nations and many tribes who came before in prehistory, things that have been lost to human knowledge for millennia.

If the Life and teachings of Jesus helps us get there, move forward with sound applied principles given to us by the wisest source of knowledge in the universe, one who lived among in the flesh, then yes, the further preparation of the second coming has come. 

The Urantia Book takes nothing a way from any and all religions and faith systems, nor was it intended to. There is no Urantia church, but there is a simple fellowship of being students of this most wise collection of writings, each designed to aid us in our understanding of God, and to help us have a better inward relationship with him, including being able to learn firsthand, who this Jesus was and what he taught. 

The fellowship among readers is that we share in the excitement that we believe we have something that really is a revelation.

And it holds up to serious evaluation. 

I tell people, I dare you to read it and give me some honest critique. 

That’s how much people who study this book trust this information, and it has been this way for over 65 years over generations and as the community has grown around the world, quite quietly, I might add.

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